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  1. Otoh

    Corrupt Masternode Walet after RC3 soft fork

    I was just browsing some random historical threads and found this archived: https://www.reddit.com/r/DRKCoin/comments/2955u5/tried_to_setup_masternode_and_lost_1000_drk_coins/ The address in question seems to be (given by OP a few posts from the end)...
  2. Otoh

    Dash Birthday / Trademark Resolution / Blocksize Limitation

    ditto MIno above, great achievements, voted Yes.
  3. Otoh

    Anybody ???

  4. Otoh

    Anybody ???

    Yep MB, can do np, let me know where to send, many thanks
  5. Otoh

    DashTV - The easy way to keep an eye on your investment

    Nice, MT! Tip sent :)
  6. Otoh

    Dash promo-cups

    I'd love to order some of these, let me know where to if possible, many thanks!
  7. Otoh

    Announcing DASH.ORG!

    I inquired about this domain back in Feb when he wanted $30,000 for it, luckily I decided not to pursue it. Brooke Hernandez emailed me five times afterwards seeing if he could get a bite, the final time was on the 9th Oct with this gif...
  8. Otoh

    Darkcoin Ambassador Group

    Excellent timing, I just arrived in my CAT base (one hour north of BCN) a couple of days ago, I shall definitely be attending, I was at the first Spanish BTC meet up in Madrid in 2012 http://www.yorokobu.es/bitcoin-el-lento-auge-de-la-moneda-anarquista I will make a donation in Euros on the...
  9. Otoh

    Vote: Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    Yep the 600 odd MN votes were mine, the 7k buy wall wasn't me or the buyer that I met in Amsterdam as I've agreed to sell him 20,000 DASH @ €2.50 ($2.86) because he's now a colleague and it's good to encourage new large buyers imo, but it would also be nice for the price if he bought on the...
  10. Otoh

    WTS Node40 Masternode Management Services

    I've been trying out Node40's MN hosting service with some dozens of MN and have found them 100% professional with really excellent customer service and innovation, I wish them every success.
  11. Otoh

    The Dasherberg Group

    Cool, I've lived one hour north of BCN since 1997 and have a place there, though I'm traveling atm, looking forward to dropping in when I'm next in el Cat landia.
  12. Otoh

    v0.11.2.x Testing

    I voted for #1, but only if it doesn't have the arrows in it, otherwise I'd like to cancel my vote and choose #7 which I also voted for. Also the percentages seem to be incorrect in the results so far. Having #7 & #8 in the same line up may divide the vote for this logo, the graduated colour...
  13. Otoh

    Forking Megathread

    Many thanks for all the input, I'll check back in tomorrow or sometime after my flight, I won't be moving any coins until it's been sorted out.
  14. Otoh

    Forking Megathread

    What's the advise until this issue is resolved, not to move any coins? Did it come about from rushing the latest v.11 release rather than giving it time to be properly tested on the test net? BTC-Talk forum seems to be down and my MN list is showing up as blank on ninja though some rewards are...
  15. Otoh

    v0.10.17 - Onyx v3

    I do that but it still locks up after each send, it's not a big deal, but I'd rather be able to override it.
  16. Otoh

    v0.10.17 - Onyx v3

    With the latest update I find that the wallet auto locks after you send coins, so when setting up Masternodes it involves one extra step now of having to unlock the wallet between each 1,000 DRK sent, I preferred it to stay unlocked for the time that I'd set when working or until the wallet was...