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  1. TLC

    Consensus 2018 - Live from NYC

    Yep agree on the logo... starting to like it more and more. But for some reason it doesn't seem to work on the pens...
  2. TLC

    Consensus 2018 - Live from NYC

    @coingun thanks for posting
  3. TLC

    What's Going on at Dash - April 2018

    Great to see this becoming regular... the feedback shows how much it has been needed
  4. TLC

    Change Block Reward % from 45/45/10 to 42.5/42.5/15

    The proposal fee is to discourage wasteful or spam proposals, not to punish good proposals that don't quite make it. The system should encourage continued participation. Refunding net positive proposals may not be the way to go but perhaps allowing those proposals that didn't quite make it in...
  5. TLC

    Dash Community Q&A (2-Part Post)

    Informative. Keep up the good work. Please continue to update the community like this regularly, the positive effect on the community cannot be underestimated. Not to mention it will mean we don't have to read long threads about not receiving updates or news from core ;-)
  6. TLC

    Proposal Discussion : Wasting Millions on Ben Swan for what?

    @Argon31 every proposal must be evaluated on it's own merits... posting proposal titles & costs in an uninformative list to try and provide back up to your opinion is not helpful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as you are with your views of Ben Swann's proposal, but opinions expressed in...
  7. TLC

    [ANN] Crypto Sex Toys - 4k+ Adult Toys for DASH

    @coinforecastio check the post date.. it was more than 3 years ago
  8. TLC

    David Hay “I was wrong I can admit it” (interesting show about DAOs and Dash specific)

    @demo agree with your sentiments, but tbh both viewpoints are informative and useful
  9. TLC

    Idea for Venezuela remittances help

    While merchants and payment systems are being developed, cross border payments, especially for struggling economies and developing nations, like Venezuela, are, IMO, the best use case for dash right now and a big step towards larger adoption. The main hurdle to this is the exchange of dash for...
  10. TLC

    Dash is going viral in venezuela -crossed 100,000+ signups, need your Support ,Urgent

    @Dashmaximalist great work and good persistence. @demo I see 56 merchants on the map... but I remember Mark Mason commenting earlier this month that there were 80 new merchants in Venezuela... did some of them not get added to the map yet? As you said... it's very important to have a network of...
  11. TLC

    DASH at Blockchain Conference Saint Petersburg 2018

    Great to see the views of the guys present at the conference, very informative. Good work guys.
  12. TLC

    Dash PowerPoint template

    Yeah there is only 1 Thai language... many dialects but only 1 national language and not spoken in any other country I know of except Thailand. Maybe better to delete one of them? or would that create issues? Noted on the French translation.
  13. TLC

    Dash PowerPoint template

    Got it @strophy .... we will work on the French and Thai translations on Transifex. Any idea why there are 2 Thai language sections on Transifex?
  14. TLC

    Dash PowerPoint template

    @strophy .... send me the original file for the infographic and we will translate it into French and Thai I don't see the infographic on Transifex.
  15. TLC

    Dash In-Flight Media Campaign

    Yep... good work. I am sure this is providing great exposure to the gen pop who otherwise would not be seeking out Dash. Exposure is the first step to acceptance. I did notice that the figures provided by AA are the same every month.... which I assume is total seat capacity over the month and...
  16. TLC

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Just a few quick observations UC... maybe you can help clear it up.... 1) Some of the wallets received more than declared e.g. $36 instead of $15 XszpBzTa5JGxtYYuaB9VXvJfduTqe9aYxS 2) A quick check of the wallet addresses provided for 1st 50 + Tip show that around 70% of them withdrew the...
  17. TLC

    Dash Worldwide Translators

    @splawik21 @flare thanks guys... we are approved and in the French & Thai teams. We are currently reading through the help guides for translators. But any guidance on how it works and how we assist with coordinated translation from you guys would be very helpful too.
  18. TLC

    Dash Worldwide Translators

    Can anyone help with Transifex? We have made requests to join the Dash translators team for French and Thai languages but no response as yet. Is there an administrator or can any member of the team approve?
  19. TLC

    Dash Escrow Managed Operations: DEMO Incubator Inc.

    Great that you are taking this on... it's definitely a value added for the Dash treasury/budget/proposal system. In our opinion all proposals, certainly from new Dash community members like ourselves, should be funded through escrow services so that the Dash network is getting the best value for...