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  1. chuka

    Dash Trip - Introducing Dash as a Payment Method in the Tourism Sector of Venezuela

    Hello @Marco Canelon, i am Victor from Dash Maracaibo team, your pre-proposal looks very good, good luck getting approved, cheers!
  2. chuka

    DASH Venezuela

    Hola @algodon.franelas, soy Victor Molina parte del team Dash Maracaibo, he estado viendo todo lo referente a Dash Venezuela y tus post y definitivamente eres un ejemplo a seguir! continua asi, felicitaciones.
  3. chuka

    Únete al Foro Dash Latinoamericano

    @George Donnelly me parece muy buen proyecto e iniciativa para nosotros los de habla hispana, esto me cautiva totalmente, ojala y se termine de dar esto. Saludos desde Maracaibo, Venezuela. Victor Molina parte del equipo de Dash Maracaibo.
  4. chuka

    Pre-Proposal : Educational program and book for children 7-14 years old (5000 books)

    hi @ikeaman, my name is Victor Molina from Dash Maracaibo team in Venezuela, i am reading some pre-proposals right now just to learn what is people doing for dash and what is dash doing to people, for me an educational book for children based on information like that seems pretty good for me...
  5. chuka

    Pre-Proposal Vaultoro to implement DASH

    Hi @MoKa, my name is Victor, part of Dash Maracaibo team in Venezuela, i just read about your pre-proposal, seems good to me but what do you exactly mean with "gold"? i mean, literally gold or what? excuse me if i am wrong or something. cheers!