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  1. Molefish

    HD crashed, lost Dash Core

    Also, You can use a trezor and that way you won't have this issue again. http://trezor.io It supports btc, Dash, and Zcash at the moment.
  2. Molefish

    Integration Team / VISA Debit Team? (& note about alts)

    Thanks for that, what's the name for the team who tries to get something like a VISA Debit functionality... would that be part of compliance or outreach or what do you call that? Is there a team already doing this? Would it be part of marketing/adoption? We'd need to be prepared to approach...
  3. Molefish

    Marketing posters

    Those are great looking, nice job! It's gonna be real easy to market once Dash is more useful for end users... hopefully Evolution will help a lot with that :)
  4. Molefish

    Integration Team / VISA Debit Team? (& note about alts)

    I heard on a recent interview that Evan said we need integration teams to help on-board other companies and projects out there for Evolution. I would love to be a part of this but I don't know where I could be useful. I also sincerely want to know if there is any work currently being done to...
  5. Molefish

    Dash Debit Card | Mobile Recharge with Dash

    I really need something like this , but I'd rather it work as the Shift card does with Coinbase. This is essentially necessary if were going to get more adoption in the USA. There's not any good selling point for crypto vs traditional as an end user unless I can replace functions of the bank...
  6. Molefish

    Dash needs to implement Shadowcash technology and truly be anonymous.

    ^ This ^ Exactly... without the visible, explorable blockchain I wouldn't use Dash at all. I simply don't trust in hidden ledger activity - I get plenty of that with the banking system! That's why I'm in here and not using Monero or Zcash/etc... With Dash, I agree it appears to be the best...
  7. Molefish

    I sold all my Dash. Here is why and my view on the state of Dash

    ... Also, this reminds me of threads on gaming forums where people claim to be very upset and they are leaving the community and game altogether, yet they keep paying to play the game and to post periodically about how upset they are! When I sell an asset, I don't go online to complain to other...
  8. Molefish

    I sold all my Dash. Here is why and my view on the state of Dash

    I'm just the molefish but I gotta say; at least with Dash I get the open style blockchain with the option to private send. I'm a bitcoin user in a large way, I essentially live off of it... but I got attracted to Dash as it retains the basis of what BTC is doing, yet has a friendly way to...
  9. Molefish

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi all, Nice to be here, I have been involved in the crypto space for a couple of years but my main focus is the end user experience. I really enjoy using different stores of value and transferring them to maintain a high agility and some redundancy when it comes to engaging in commerce. I...