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  1. Jaimenok

    DASH Caracas

    Hola como estás? Soy tambien de Venezuela, quisiera saber como podría ayudar a Dash para seguir promocionandolo? es una gran oportunidad ahora en nuestro país ya que las personas comenzarán a conocer mas sobre la tecnología.
  2. Jaimenok

    My plan for Dash

    I want job in this procject, there some opportunity?
  3. Jaimenok

    Dash Mobile Apps

    Hello, I am a new member and this project is very big, I want to contribute with jobs or things where it helps to continue raising the level, in Caracas I have seen that there is a great team!
  4. Jaimenok

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello I´m from Venezuela, Is pleasure are here in this great community..;):) I want to help grow the project by contributing, is there any guide to follow? Greetings, friends.