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  1. Barrett Davis

    Developer wanted for Dash-based new crypto

    I've written this in node.js and in java. 10k isn't enough btw.
  2. Barrett Davis

    DCG Budget Planning Update

    @glennaustin @Ryan Taylor I've seen some recent posts that the burn rate is going to skyrocket from core. There are multiple positions open etc. Are you going to continue this pace even if the price of dash keeps declining? It appears our proposal is going to lapse due to a full treasury from...
  3. Barrett Davis

    Proposal 1 - Diameter IoT Platform

    Diameter IoT payments solution for Dash We’re here to bring transactions, trust, transparency, and analytics to the Dash community! Our pitch presentation! https://diameter.tech/videos/pitch (with audio) Here is our prezi link: prezi (no audio) Again transparency is extremely important to...
  4. Barrett Davis

    DCG Budget Planning Update

    Wow! That's really painful for us submitting proposals in July. :(
  5. Barrett Davis

    Pre-Proposal | Diameter [IoT dashboard]

    Thank you for kind words mark. Our newly updated code base & demo will be out tonight... :) It's even more exciting
  6. Barrett Davis

    Managing multiple wallets with same Dashd Instance

    I was wondering how others are managing multiple wallets.
  7. Barrett Davis

    Breaking News: An MNO operator defunds both getfreedash and Governance Analytics.

    Dash Nexus had too high of a price apparently. I'm sure Jeff will round that down and get some cheaper staff. Hope to see it funded at some point.
  8. Barrett Davis

    A proposal now costs over $3,000

    Did this die out?
  9. Barrett Davis

    KUVACASH COIN OFFERING -Majority Cheating Minority.

    This entire thread was possibly the worst way to approach this topic... I'm a huge fan of Kuvacash. I love what they are doing and bringing to the dash community. I think this is pretty wrong and unethical, mostly because it starts a REALLY bad precedent. Nothing of monetary value should ever...
  10. Barrett Davis

    Pre-proposal: Dash Core Group fiat guarantee losses reimbursement

    This is probably the most accurate answer on here... surprised its not upvoted to the moon.
  11. Barrett Davis

    Refund proposal fee if net votes > X%

    This makes sense, as I will be submitting a proposal with a reimbursement fee.
  12. Barrett Davis

    Testnet Issues: Header sync problem

    Thanks for the great response guys. Is there any monitored channel that more real-time than a forum? Especially for testnet... if's its unstable I would love to check one spot to know or reach out on a github issue or something...
  13. Barrett Davis

    Testnet Issues: Header sync problem

    We've been trying to write our dApp ontop of Dash, but testnet keeps giving us a head ache! Dashd keeps dying on our containers because of a "bad peer"? 2018-04-08 18:01:17 ERROR: detected bad peer for initial headers sync, disconnecting 5478 Every time we detect a bad peer, we infinite loop...
  14. Barrett Davis

    Front-end Team Evolution Demo Video #1

    Great answer @chuck. Glad to see you guys making progress! 1. Basic Question: Why are you dealing with any sort of user/contact architecture? 2. Difficult question: Why is that not handled outside of dash core, like 3rd party, other devs, etc? There could be several companies that could...
  15. Barrett Davis

    Pre-Proposal | Diameter [IoT dashboard]

    Arthyron, thanks for the kind words. I'm a very analytical person, I enjoy data driven decisions. I'm going to try to build the platform in a way in which you could accurately track how much our wallets generate in fee's. This way we could accurately tell the DASH community, "hey you invested...
  16. Barrett Davis

    Taxes for accepted Dash proposals

    @younglegend do you mind sharing some of the ways to get DASH to USD? We know of uphold but thats about it.
  17. Barrett Davis

    Partnership With The Free Thought Project to Bring DASH to Millions

    I'm not the biggest fan of your content, but I'm glad you've built a community and I'm not a huge fan of youtube deleting "alt-right channels". It seems like this would be a risky proposition till YouTube clarifies their rampage against content producers in the alt-right community. Maybe you...
  18. Barrett Davis

    Taxes for accepted Dash proposals

    Everything typically ends up following the same path. We're just in a simulation. :P
  19. Barrett Davis

    Proposal Fee Lending by AnCapitol

    @AnCapitol What a great opportunity. My team and I, Diameter, are building a web-application on top of Dash's infrastructure to address the IoT space. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We are looking to be dash exclusive. Should generate a ton of dash transactions fees for...
  20. Barrett Davis

    Pre-Proposal | Diameter [IoT dashboard]

    We will be cleaning up our demo video this week and if you have any technical questions, please reach out to Ereio. Thanks for the great feedback so far.