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  1. MK Ghandi

    Sale and construction of real estate in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui for cryptocurrency.

    @GrandMasterDash Thank You for warning us all. I was super convinced to invest all my dash coins with this company, but now I will check their legitimacy.
  2. MK Ghandi

    What wallet is it better to use

    Coinbase Wallet is the best.
  3. MK Ghandi

    why are we so obsessed about US , when crypto only works in developing countries

    I am surprised to know there is an entire market which is trading in Dash.... I dont think US has it.
  4. MK Ghandi

    WTB Need A VPN - But Only Something That Accepts Cryptocurrency

    Hello, As I deeper and deeper, I realize the need to get more discrete, call it whatever you may. Anyways, right now, I'm looking for a VPN, but please list options that accept cryptocurrency, nothing else. please be concise and precise. and If you have any experience, state that too if you will.