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  1. MrMime

    FanDuel drops Bitcoin for Dash

    Great proposal! Any idea when betting will go live?
  2. MrMime

    Dash Open House March 30 at SkySong w/ Ryan Taylor, Evan Duffield & Amanda B. Johnson. All invited!

    Let me know if you guys have any questions that you'd like asked, I'll be sure to pass along :)
  3. MrMime

    Dash Open House March 30 at SkySong w/ Ryan Taylor, Evan Duffield & Amanda B. Johnson. All invited!

    I'll be there! Can't wait to say hello to everyone.
  4. MrMime


    Traceback (most recent call last): File "bin/sentinel.py", line 206, in <module> Transient.set(mutex_key, misc.now(), timeout_seconds) File "lib/models.py", line 662, in set setting, created = Setting.get_or_create(name=setting_name, defaults=setting_dikt) File...
  5. MrMime

    Proposal: Dash Offices (Feb)

    My Alma Mater! What a perfect choice, would love to come by and say hi @babygiraffe . I have some old darkcoin paintings also from Zoran. Really good quality. I'll join ya tante for the receptionist :P
  6. MrMime

    X11 ASIC Baikal Mini Miner Spec

    Have one on order as well. Looking forward to trying it out at least. At least they're nice and efficient for when the winter comes! :P
  7. MrMime

    11.2 - Dash Release

    You are amazing sir!! TY!
  8. MrMime

    11.2 - Dash Release

    So I must have herpa-derped something and receiving this error "Incorrect or no genesis block found. Wrong datadir for network?" after I attempt ./dashd. The thing is, I changed the name on .darkcoin and darkcoin.conf to their respective dash names, and I was able to get my other MN updated no...
  9. MrMime

    Dash Logo Contest

    #5 looks bad ass.
  10. MrMime

    v0.11.1.x InstantX Testing

    yKK1iubz1aLkxASwuyDGrBEBiRJdYBEzpn Would be great for tDrk =)
  11. MrMime

    Darkcoin Ambassador Group

    Can't wait to get started! Looking forward to hitting up more Bitcoin meetups in my area and repping DRK.
  12. MrMime

    v0.11.1.x InstantX Testing

    Just tried with jimbit and confirmed within seconds 5/6. Status: 5/confirmed (verified via instantx)Date: 2/1/15 20:14 From: unknownTo: yDFvsJZqPwVZQCFNopFE5KBx3Ufzu9Ncj1 (own address, label: INSTANTOMG) Credit: 101.00 tDRKNet amount: +101.00 tDRKTransaction ID...
  13. MrMime

    v0.11.1.x InstantX Testing

    Hmm.. I downloaded one from OP and was able to work okay with Moli. Propulsion and I had an IX that instaconfirmed for him, but only 1 confirmation for me. You using links from op Propulsion
  14. MrMime

    v0.11.1.x InstantX Testing

    Sent first InstantX to Moli. 5 confirms in seconds. Nice.
  15. MrMime

    Welcome Mario Müller To The Team

    Love seeing that team page grow! Way to go!
  16. MrMime

    Extended Darkcoin Team

    :cool: Nice guys!
  17. MrMime

    The Darkcoin Foundation Is Open for Business

    Signed up! Excited to see where this can go! =)
  18. MrMime

    Guide for MN on TestNet needed ...>>

    Ya, I figured. Grep'ing Hot.Cold in debug log doesn't pop up though. Weird.. Alright, thanks.
  19. MrMime

    Guide for MN on TestNet needed ...>>

    Are there issues with setting up Hot/Cold daemons? On mainnet, hot/cold works fine, but once I turn off my local on test, my remote dies off. Are only Hot test mn's working okay?
  20. MrMime

    v0.10.17.x Testing

    Showed up in confirmed total balance about 30 seconds later. Shows unconfirmed in my transactions tab though.