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  1. sharabela

    dash? do not understand why people still buy this dead coin

    Dash has been sluggish comparing to other cryptos. However, Dash has been consistent. On the other hand, other cryptos get too volatile time to time. This may be a reason that many investors are interested in Dash.
  2. sharabela

    I’m new here - Where should I share a cool Dash adoption directory I built?

    Sounds great! I am new here. I do not know where to post the link you want to share. I hope you will be told where to post it. Do let us know once that is posted in this forum. Thanks in advance.
  3. sharabela

    Newbie questions

    You can do that easily by downloading Dash app on your mobile. It is well designed and easy to use. I am wishing you luck with your new job.
  4. sharabela

    The situation in Japan

    Thanks for letting us know about this. Japan is a big market. I hope everything comes out well at the end.