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  1. Coalchain

    $1,000,000 Bounty & AirDrop COALICHAIN.IO

    Bounty & Airdrop program – Coalichain MIN $1,000,000 IN TOKENS! Let the show begin! The Bounty Campaign begins 12th April 2018!!! Take action and change the world for the better - with Coalichain. The Bounty Campaign will run to the end of the ICO. Register NOW...
  2. Coalchain

    Coinmarket and tabtrader, which one is better?

    Coinmarket is the best
  3. Coalchain

    Cryptocurrencies illegal?

    Why do you think they are illegal. They are very much legal. People just don't know about it much and think that Bitcoins are only used to buy drugs on the internet. There aren't any establishments that accept bitcoins yet too. There are countries who have bitcoin ATMs.. Where you can withdraw...
  4. Coalchain

    What about the future ?

    Thank you very much for asking this question, I will give you the right answer Some token that people call it cryptocurrency is actually more accurate if we understand it as a share of a company that innovates within the space of Blockchain, for example, ZUZ Token, Ethereum, NEO, EOS is more...