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    Pre-Proposal (Frame 48 – Starting from Scratch – Devaluation funding)

    Thanks Foxtrot! We're talking logistics with our Venezuelan production partners, so look for that proposal in the June cycle!
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    Pre-Proposal (Frame 48 – Starting from Scratch – Devaluation funding)

    Thanks so much Arthyron! We applied for escrow with the core team to minimize any risks or opportunities with this round. We feel like Dash isn't going to drastically increase or decrease like when we initially received funding, but since this proposal is just to make up the gap from the...
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    Pre-Proposal (Frame 48 – Starting from Scratch – Devaluation funding)

    Hey Everyone, First off, we would like to thank the entire community for supporting the first portion of our documentary series around Dash adoption in developing nations, Starting from Scratch. We just got back from our 9 day shoot in Zimbabwe, where we spent time with people from all walks...
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    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    Hey David, our team is working on a video series about Dash adoption in different countries around the world. Our initial focus was on Zimbabwe and the work that Kuvacash is doing there but Venezuela has always been on our radar and we've been in touch with many of the teams down there as we...
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    Dash Docu Series - KuvaCash

    Hey everyone! The teaser we put together from the first stage of the production in Los Angeles is live along with the proposal for the remaining portion of the project. https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DOCUSERIES-KUVACASH-FULL
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    Dash Docu Series - KuvaCash

    Quick update, the proposal is live! https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DocuSeries-KuvaCash
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    Dash Docu Series - KuvaCash

    @GrandMasterDash We're working with them in parallel actually. They're the second people we got in touch with over two months ago now. The timeline for KuvaCash is just a little more pressing, because they're going to be in Los Angeles in early February where we would like to begin filming...
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    Dash Docu Series - KuvaCash

    Overview: The goal of this series is to look at what adoption of cryptocurrency (specifically Dash) looks like around the world. The forces driving it, the people working on it, and the benefits that it can - and is providing the individuals at the forefront of this technological and social...
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH Help - Venezuela (Customer Support Center)

    The more that Dash does with Venezuela the better. Keep on doing what you're doing!
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    Warka Water tower for clean drinking water in Haiti

    This would be very interesting to see funded. Dash has the potential to be more than a cryptocurrency and more than a virtual corporation - this could be the first step towards realizing that vision.
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    8 Steps to a Successful Proposal

    Thanks for the info. This is all very informative.