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  1. obelisk

    Prominent gaming websites

    In the U.S. you have to be careful of payments entering the kids space when it comes to apps or entertainment. There are a lot of laws regarding selling to kids and allowing them to buy. This is a whole area of expertise over here that requires careful planning around regulations. I used to work...
  2. obelisk

    Noob start . Kindly Looking or some answers

    Cloud mining is a joke unless you're pumping it like a ponzi. Get your hands on an ASIC if you can. (good luck) I would suggest keeping on trying to mine, as you'll learn a lot on how it works. It won't be profitable though unless you make some investments.
  3. obelisk

    Who sells X11 Mining Hardware

    At the moment all the main sellers are sold out. I anticipate them getting stock back in very soon. Many are speculating the manufacturers are mining with their stock. The companies insist they are not, and that they are planning manufacturing and pricing strategy based on increased Dash price...
  4. obelisk

    baikal x11 quad setup

    Any computer (even your phone) will work. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, Baikal are managed though web interface. You will need an ethernet cable to connect to your router or switch. Pool set up is very simple, all managed through a web interface. Suprnova will work, as will any pool...
  5. obelisk

    Baikal X11 Giant setup help

    You can set up your Baikal miner using any computer you wish. I set mine up with my Linux machine initially, but I have also accessed it through a Macbook, a PC, and even a Raspberry Pi web browser. See Baikal devices are managed completely through a web interface. All you do is plug it in...
  6. obelisk

    Mining pools that actually work?

    In my experience the machine can only be connected to (active: true) one pool at a time. What your interface is telling you is that those pools are in fact active, meaning, those pools are up, and can be connected to. The Active tab will tell you which one is connected currently. Your miner is...