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    lock time transactions

    Is there an easier way to create a lock time transaction than creating and manually editing/signing a raw transaction?
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    Dash "stock split"

    We should definitely do this. The PR coup of being the only coin to successfully do what many coins have talked about doing would be worth it. We have the ability to make big decisions. Let's show it off.
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    Pre-proposal: Moving the decimal place

    Many coins have talked about moving the decimal place, but as far as I am aware no coin has actually achieved it. With Dash being in the 3 digits for a while now it is probably a good time, and successfully moving the decimal place would show off Dash's decision making facility. Unit bias is a...
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    Masternode Sharing

    You are asking someone to steal your money when you give your cryptocurrency to them.
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    Dash estate planning

    How do I make sure my family can get to my dash if I get hit by a truck? Are time locked transactions a thing that exist in dash and work in a manner useful for this purpose? If not any other suggestions? Edit: Ok, so i found some documentation that 12.1 has BIP65 which is checklocktimeverify...
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    Transaction too large

    Ya I can figure out how to deal with it. I just want to make sure somone who can fix it is aware of the issue.
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    Transaction too large

    Cant send 1k dash using private send because transaction is too large. Probably need to increase max transaction size for .01 denoms.
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    Why is there 2k dash unallocated in this months budget?

    I don't know what to do with $20k worth of dash, but it isn't my job to know. Apparently we have people who literally have the job of knowing what to do with the budget. Where are the proposals?
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    Inconsistency in Masternode - Upate to asap !

    Looks like zpool is mining on an old version. The stuck block explorers have new blocks now and zpool mined all of them. https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/
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    DASH: Identity Problem (?)

    Digital cash?
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    Prioritization of fiat gateways

    Fair enough. Shortcuts probably aren't worth the risk to the reputation of our governance.
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    Prioritization of fiat gateways

    There is a way to redirect the awareness funds conviently and also preserve the integrity of the masternode governance. Create a proposal that says something to the effect that fiat payment gateways are an acceptable use of awareness funds and let the masternodes vote on it.
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    Mixing hanging

    When I do the recovery it shows hundreds of confirmations so it is making it to the network.
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    Mixing hanging

    I assume its a known issue, but my client gets suck almost every time I try to mix so i figured i should make a post about it. It happens because a denominate transaction hours old is showing as 0 unconfirmed or as conflicted. Restarting client does not fix it, recover transactions 1 from the...
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    Governance question?

    Not a stupid question. It is an interesting question that is definitely worth thinking about. My first thought about it is that the value proposition of Dash relies on it being a decentralized network. If a conspiracy of masternodes tried to do that early in the life of dash than it would just...
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    Mike Hearn quits Bitcoin, help me invite him to Dash

    He doesn't need to write a single line of code to do great things for us. An endorsement from Mike could get more disillusioned bitcoiners to pay attention to dash then a year of the marketing budget.
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    Budget Proposal: The Instantx Soda Machine!

    Is the way that the mobile wallet imports paper wallets compatible with scanning and then spending immediately or does it sweep it to a new address and they will have to wait for confirmations to use instantX?
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    WTS DASH.ORG.RU - MasterNode Hosting

    Lets just pretend you didn't see that.
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    [Discussion] Projects founded by blockchain

    Tell me one thing that could happen that would be better for dash than being integrated into tor.
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    [Discussion] Projects founded by blockchain

    Well, if tor expresses any interest it will come down to a vote of the master nodes and I for one will be voting yes.