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    Bets and cashouts in DASH online casino Greatjoker

    I play only online casino now, win a lot, actually. Of course, I choose services that use cryptocurrencies. There's just one tip for every game out there: watch its rating. Here's the page with casino reviews, check em out and you'll see every game has its own rating. I wouldn't just sit and...
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    subject discontinued

    Ah, Italian. Such a sweet language. If you're really gonna study it with joy, I'd recommend you to study italian in Sanremo. I wish I could return there again, it's so much fun and serious studying at the same time. After that, I wasn't afraid to speak Italian with natives.
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    Deutschland ist ein dritte Welt Kryptoland?

    Ich bin an der Entwicklung der Kryptowährung auf einem deutschen Markt interessiert und denke, dass alles zum Guten sein wird. Ich komme nicht aus Deutschland, möchte aber etwas investieren. Ich denke nur, dass einige Dinge hier in Europa etwas Zeit brauchen, um sich zu etablieren.