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  1. Bitaccess

    Dash for Cash? It’s Coming (Pre-proposal)

    Hello @Arthyron! Thanks for your comments and questions. Our proposal does not benefit competitors or other projects at all; any Dash we are awarded would be used exclusively for the technical integration costs to enable Dash into Faast and our BTMs. There is significant technical effort to...
  2. Bitaccess

    Dash for Cash? It’s Coming (Pre-proposal)

    Hey everyone! We have some big ideas that we think the Dash community will love, and we'd like to share them here as a pre-proposal to get your feedback and make this project the best it can be. About Us Bitaccess is an Ottawa, Canada-based cryptocurrency and blockchain services company. As...
  3. Bitaccess

    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    Intriguing project @ThirtySix...I'll be keeping an eye on this.
  4. Bitaccess

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    Great stuff! Following this project with interest, and wishing you all continued success! :)
  5. Bitaccess

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hey everyone! My name's Joe- I handle marketing for Bitaccess, a fintech and blockchain services company based out of Ottawa, Canada (although the team is scattered all over the world.) I'm here because I think Dash is one of the best privacy-focused projects out there, and we're interested on...