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    InstaPonzi.com - NEW Multi Currency XPY Game. Invest and WIN. 30 Mins till launch

    Hello, Thought I would share with you guys a new ponzi that is just about to be released Yes, a ponzi, but it is in game style. First people in win, last people lose. When the bank has enough funds it pays the next in line. Insta pays 125% and accepts 7 currencies Check it out, hasn't yet...
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    DASH now accepted at CryptoHours.com (2% interest hourly on DASH!)

    *not confirmed ponzi, consider this as a gamble rather than a stable investment! CryptoHours gives you 2% interest on your Bitcoins and DASH (and other altcoins!) every HOUR! You invest, e.g, 0.1BTC, and you'll get 0.002BTC every hour until you have a total of 0.2BTC! Is it paying? YES...
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    Double your DASH (and 30 other cryptos) - InvestCryptos.com

    *To mods, this is not a confirmed ponzi. Terms and FAQ state they earn money trading and mining. Here's a general overview :) Features: ☑ 100% In 100 Hours ☑ No Investment Limits ☑ 5% Referral Bonus ☑ Completely Automated ☑ Fast Support ☑ Guaranteed Returns ☑ Simple and Easy to use User...
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    "The Most Advanced Investment Platform" - Double Your DASH in 200 Hours (1% Interest Per hour)

    Hi DASHTalk So I have stumbled upon https://cryptosplit.com who claim to be the most advanced crypto currency platform on the internet. They have paid over 13,000 people since their launch, including myself. I am being paid 0.0099BTC from my 0.99BTC every hour. Check it out: 0.99BTC Deposit...
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    DOUBLE your DASH (DarkCoin) with Crypterest. Crypto Investment Platform + 10% Affiliate Commission

    It can't be a ponzi on the 6th day it had more paid out in volume than it did invested, that's impossible for a ponzi to achieve as it relies on new investors...so even if they are sort of ponzi-ing it they are still generating interest some how
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    DOUBLE your DASH (DarkCoin) with Crypterest. Crypto Investment Platform + 10% Affiliate Commission

    Admins on BitcoinTalk and default trust members do that to all site owners, even if they are legit. I've been paid, and they're still paying. If you don't believe it you miss the opportunity i suppose :P
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    Crypterest - 100% прибыли в 100 часов - 10% реферальных

    английский: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1002314.0 URL: https://Crypterest.com | Twitter: @Crypterest | Email: [email protected]
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    DOUBLE your DASH (DarkCoin) with Crypterest. Crypto Investment Platform + 10% Affiliate Commission

    Crypterest.com is a ponzi guys, don't invest.
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    $cad to dash

    Option 1: Buy USD with your CAD Buy BTC with your USD Buy DASH with your BTC Option 2: Buy BTC with your CAD Buy DASH with your BTC there's not many other ways to go about it lol
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    Exchange DASH manually, crispybtc.com

    completely manual, as in, we have to wait for you to process transactions?? why not just use something like shapeshift which is automatic and barely takes commission?
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    The Rolling Thread :) (go to end for newest posts)

    what do you guys think of the DRK price? do you think it'll be on the rise anytime soon? personally most of my crypto currency is in DRK