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    Network Elected Trust Protectors: Closing the Governance Loop

    I hope Evan and Amanda throw their hats in the ring. We must be very careful with who we select. Lets not allow these positions to attract greedy or power-hungry sociopaths as happens with government positions. I believe this should be and should always remain an unpaid position.
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    Dash Medellín / Dash Colombia: 12 meetups, 250 new wallets, merchants, remittances & more

    Curious as to why discoverdash still shows only 216 merchants for colombia.
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    Creating !Dash Argentina!

    Participate in the Dash Force Meetup Program: https://discoverdash.com/dash-meetup-program/ Once you have shown you can handle small and large meetups, you will have a better chance at passing a proposal. Dash Force: I shouldn't have to be doing this for you. Get on the ball.
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    Dash Medellín / Dash Colombia: 12 meetups, 250 new wallets, merchants, remittances & more

    I support your efforts, but again I ask you to keep discoverdash updated. Batching once per month isn't enough. I'll give you my yes vote when it says 311 for Colombia.
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    EletroPay POS + SIGN Solution

    I'm a little puzzled at the lack of interest and excitement at these Eletropays. This is huge, and we should work to get these out there asap. What merchant wouldn't want one? They look great, too.
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    Feedback wanted! Dash Embassy Thailand Proposal Q1/2019

    $17,000 per month is a very large amount of money in Thailand. On your spreadsheet, the human resources line shows $11,000 monthly. How many people are employed full time and part time? You could employ an army in Thailand for that much.
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    EletroPay POS + SIGN Solution

    It appears as though there will be 901 dash remaining for this cycle, assuming DCG takes 60%. It is likely that this proposal presents greater ROI to the dash network than anything else likely to be proposed this month. I urge you to continue this conversation, and consider submitting your...
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    Proposal: Dash Electrum support and development

    I'll vote yes, but it's going to be a very tight budget. Privatesend from a lightweight client is a major step forward.
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    Dash for Cash? It’s Coming (Pre-proposal)

    It's interesting that you already support 118 different cryptos on your products, including very marginal coins. Yet you would require dash to fund integration of dash, which is a fork of bitcoin, hence an easy integration. I'm not sure it's in the best interest of the dash network to fund this...
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    EletroPay POS + SIGN Solution

    Would you be able to move forward if you broke the proposal into three or four payments? Before you post it, do the math of how many dash would be available during the next cycle, taking into account DGCs next proposals, and be sure you arent trying to take the entire remainder. For me, that was...
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    DashUP: potential to get +10000 Dash Users or more

    I'd vote no, due to the extreme bear market at this time, but keep this on the back burner until the market recovers. You will likely want to rewrite your app to use the dapi when it is live, anyway. I'm reluctant to vote for any new apps or platforms until the next versions of dash are live, as...
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    Buy with discounts in Dash, 2 Cities Valencia and Los Teques Venezuela

    I'd vote no. The budget will also be extremely tight. Continue to focus on meetups, merchant acceptance, and remittances.
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    DASH FOR EMPLOYEES-Dash Maracay-Venezuela

    I'd vote no. Employees getting paid in dash is something that will happen organically. Developing new platforms and other things to attempt to accelerate it doesn't seem necessary to me. Further, the current market conditions will require further tightening of the belt. I don't see this passing...
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    EletroPay POS + SIGN Solution

    Absolutely yes, worth every penny, and thank you Rod for making this happen. Our South American dashers are incredible. I can't imagine a more elegant, highly evolved, yet extremely easy to use POS system. I hope these take over the world by the millions. I imagine this will be the last POS...
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    Pre-proposal: Dash BE (Business Evaluation)

    I enjoyed the example report attached to your first post. One glaring omission in the 'basic information' section, it says it was for 219 dash, but fails to mention it was 219 per month for 3 months. While it was later mentioned in the text that the total was for 657 dash, it is a significant...
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    Pre-Proposal: Modular Networking Backend for Dash Core

    This type of proposal is ideal for escrow. One proposal, with escrow, should be enough to ensure completion without burning extra dash.
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    Pre-proposal: Dash BE (Business Evaluation)

    I like this. Could you perhaps provide an analysis of an existing proposal as an example?
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    Pre-Proposal: Modular Networking Backend for Dash Core

    I support this. Before I could vote yes on the proposal, I would need to see input from dcg devs indicating this is doable. I dont feel it should be rushed, however. At 37 dash per month we have room for it. The concerns raised by this proposal are real, as I feel true adoption takes place in...
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    UPDATED Pre-Proposal: Dash + Alt Thirty Six Sponsorship Marketing 2019

    I will vote no unlesss all questions posted by those above are satisfactorily answered, here, in text, not in a video.
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    I recommend you participate in the Dash Force Meetup Program. Once you have shown experience and success through meetups, you will build your reputation and the MNOs will get to know you better. Then you will get more yes votes on your proposals.