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    Dash Core Group Q1 2019 Summary Call - 9 May 2019

    Does DCG have any ideas on how to win market-share away from Localbitcoins in Venezuela? https://coin.dance/volume/localbitcoins/VES/BTC With those kind of #'s for Bitcoins being transacted per week in the country, it's possible that we are getting creamed in the savings/purchasing-power...
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    Demystifying Dash on Northern Television-Part one

    The budget amount selected could be very competitive to win funding
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    Proyecto cancelado

    a) 10.000 is 10,000? b) will these 10,000 also be liquidity-sources for Dash-units? ie. having Dash-units loaded on their phones available or direct purchase by consumers in VZ?
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    Dash forum is quiet--more feedback for pre-proposals is likely on Reddit?

    can try it out at Reddit.com/r/dashpay
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    [Pre-Prop] DashBoost Cycles February - April

    Request to be included in the above vote Pasta: 10Dash allocated each month for a section of 5Dash max per request. The 25Dash requesters tend to win the 100dash each month
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    For anybody wondering why it's so quiet here---> it's much more active on Reddit

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    pre-proposal: upgrading the DAO--> direct-incentized-voting

    a) that would be favoring getting small short-term payments and making the DAO less efficient which would mean that they would lose large-profits in the long-term! so it would be against their long-term incentives as large owners of Dash b) good c) low voter turnout #1 for priority, units being...
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    pre-proposal: upgrading the DAO #3---> comment-payments

    --> each DAO voter can allocate a % of their voting-payment to go to a comment-owner
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    Per coin.dance statistics in VZ there was 1,743bitcoins traded on localbitcoins site last week,

    let's compete to get a higher value of Dash traded per week in VZ on a localdash type site? https://coin.dance/volume/localbitcoins/VES/BTC
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    pre-proposal: upgrading the DAO--> direct-incentized-voting

    upgrade: the 5dash fee is distributed as payment to MNO's for their time they spend voting on a proposal! Formula to calculate payout: payout-for-1vote=5dash/(#of-total-votes-made) Where is payment made? --> to the voting address
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    pre-proposal: upgrading the DAO so requesters can lower their ask amount if too many no votes

    Hi grandmasterdash : ) a) Yea, mno's are poorer in the depression phase and have less free time to spend managing their investment (ie. the DAO). b) And then just in general it's also difficult to have great habits at managing one's investment. c) Yes, the feature can have a 'new' icon in...
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    pre-proposal: upgrading the DAO so requesters can lower their ask amount if too many no votes

    a) <turn the whole thing into a negotiation process.> --> great b) <Every proposal would soon be playing that game; start high and negotiate down.> --> incorrect c) <but overall, all of these things should of been thrashed out prior to submitting a proposal.> engagement is very low on...
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    Whenever a national currency is more volatile than Dash, there is the opportunity to get the

    consumers of the country to switch to Dash as their #1 currency! And presently in Dec 2018, there is 1/200 countries where the national currency is more volatile than the Dash unit.
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    Food shortages in VZ--opportunity for DAO to fund a Dash-food-producing-farm

    any brainstorming ideas on the optimal way to set this up?
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    pre-proposal: upgrading the DAO so requesters can lower their ask amount if too many no votes

    a) why not? ; ) they'll get loads of downvotes if they start high, and then they're in the risky position where the voter will have to revisit their proposal and change the vote from no to yes b) sway opinion on other proposals--challenge that that is fine : ) c) yes, and they can start if they...
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    Dash Vz Agentes Activos v.2

    Objetivo: 10.000 agentes activos en persona, como fuentes de liquidez repartidos en todo el país. ¡La experiencia más fácil para el consumidor a la hora de comprar sus primeros Dash! ---> Ejemplo de estrategia: 1) vender Dash con recargo (así cada agente obtiene un pago por su trabajo y el...
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    Venezuela: Why NFC could be better than "Evolution" for Granny and Mass Adoption

    nice thought-provoking post. Request to have this guy on 3 amigos to debate NFC vs Evolution!
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    pre-proposal: upgrading the DAO so requesters can lower their ask amount if too many no votes

    In current version of DAO Dash-entrepreneurs cannot reduce their # of Dash requested if it's not passing. This upgrade will enable this feature, so Dash-entrepreneurs have the flexibility to try and find the sweet-spot where their proposal will pass!
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    Debate for: Top 5 countries Dash can become a currency in! (ie. compete with the national currency)

    HI camosoul : ) -- the consumer's brain in USA, australia, nz, israel, switzerland, austria, poland, italy, czech, philippines, tends to be quite satisfied with their national currency brands. So very little desire being triggered in their brains to switch to a new currency product like Dash!
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    Interest for a Dash Conference in Caracas Mar.1-5, 2020?

    debate: that they take much longer to plan & organize then expected