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    Exchange market

    I don't trust new exchanges and that aren't listed on the most trusted cryptocurrency source cryptolinks. Why because I am crypto day trader for last 7 years and I know how it looks when new exchange steps into the crypto game and I know how can tomorrow step out of the crypto game with your...
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    trading exchange

    That is a bit difficult task to do, but if you have good knowledge in trading go for it, earnings for good knowledge is good and you can loose a lot in no time just for warning. I always look for this kind of sites on cryptocurrency directory cryptolinks, there you will find the whole list of...
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    Best Safe Bitcoin Wallets for 2019

    Great article, you could add more wallets, like for example this list of bitcoin wallets they have a lot wallets reviewed same like you.
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    New Hardware Wallet x Mobile Wallet for DASH

    Yes I usually look everything crypto related on cryptolinks, because they usually cut all the scammers and cons out as a filter to safe sites in crypto. Would be nice that you contact someone in DASH community too, to test your hardware wallet and that users get a bit of feedback on your...
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    New Hardware Wallet x Mobile Wallet for DASH

    Is someone using this wallet or did test it? Could not find this wallet anywhere on cryptolinks site, where I usually find the most trusted and tested hardware crypto wallets and things.
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    Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

    Has somebody from forum experience with this Vakaxa, I want to test it? And I am looking at cryptolinks the most trusted source in my opinion and I can not find them reviewed and listed.