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    How to buy darkcoin?

    Jas, give me a private message mate, I'll explain this Singh to Singh :-) I'm from the UK too, I bought a few BTC from Bittylicious and then started trading.
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    10 Reasons to invest in Darkcoin

    To the dev's. Can I offer some advice that you need to start making your plans a lot more public and clear. I know market price is not a primary concern for you right now, but it's important to maintain a balance. You need to keep a constant flow of information going out to the public on new...
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    Mining Hardware Comparison

    Hi guys, I'm running a number of 295x cards on some rigs. Using the new optimised sgminer (http://cryptomining-blog.com/2475-new-x11darkcoin-amd-gpu-miner-with-40-50-performance-increase/) , getting 7-7.5 Mh/s with each card. This should give you a 40-50% boost in hash rate. Hope that helps...