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  1. J

    Alt Thirty Six + Dash Platform Project Updates [June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec]

    wow actually excited for you guys. December 8th can't come any sooner. All the best on the deployment roll out. Those things never go smoothly.
  2. J

    WTS Baikal New Giant+ A2000 - Ready For Sell - Stock Product

    So has anyone traded with this person on the forum before?
  3. J

    WTS Baikal New Giant+ A2000 - Ready For Sell - Stock Product

    this site is in turkish? New user account created last month? As anyone successfully ordered from here? Pictures from the site just looks like x2 A900 Miners?
  4. J

    WTS Baikal A900 X11 Dash Miner for sale (Canada)

    Hi Jason, Are these miners still available? According to your website you are no taking pre-order? Whats the delivery date for this? PM me to discuss further.
  5. J

    New Forum Feature: Masternode Owner Badges

    Testing out new badge =)
  6. J

    Masternode Guides - (All Formats / All Options)

    hey guys do we have any mocked masternode guides for 12.1 yet? I understand this is an involved process to upgrade once it is live. I'm thinking it would be a good idea to do a couple of dress rehearsals before 12.1 is released. Just so we are prepared for it... =)
  7. J

    Proposal: Dash Offices at ASU's SkySong Innovation Center

    That is a fantastic deal. Exciting times to come. Game changing guys. well done!
  8. J

    Slack Tipbot And Community Engagement

    I have to agree that the comments in the slack channel lately have been very toxic and is not good for any community. For newcommers to the slack it's like jumping in to a civil war on there and all you read is negative comment after negative comment. It's Just not a good vibe. There's no...
  9. J

    WTS Spondoolies SP20 Jackson ASIC Bitcoin miner

    As per my EBAY AD http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/322276584983?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I am also willing to trade for DASH or BTC if anyone is keen? Let me know we can work out a deal. Reserve $275 AUD in DASH or BTC. Instant: $300 AUD in DASH or BTC.
  10. J

    Proposal: Dash debit card

    +10 days and still not response Have we reached out to this guy? I'm happy to help if required.
  11. J

    Proposal: Dash debit card

    Hi @VytautasK, How are we progressing with this project? Do we have any updates? Your timelines stated above indicate a June-July timeframe. It is now September. A website/business of your caliber I would of expected the courtesy of an update by now. Also if you were running late I would of...
  12. J

    Bill Payments and Bank Transfers to 45,000 billers in Australia

    Hi Daniel, Great proposal. I would have to say one of the best proposals I have seen and paves the way for other proposals to be of this standard. Definitely a game changer for us Aussies down under. You have my votes!
  13. J

    Proposal : Investigation into using Masternodes for anonymous web

    As everyone has stated ill be happy to vote for this as long we got some indictive timelines. Maybe we assign a PM to work with quantum to maintain governance. Or a detailed WBS with some key milstones should suffice also.
  14. J

    WTT Because Guns. Sort-of

    Awesome thread. I will definitely be reaching out to you once I move out to my farm on a more permanent basis. This would be awesome to hunt down wild boars with an AR-15 LOL!!
  15. J

    Pre-Proposal: Point of Sale solution to accept Dash

    What @TanteStefana said^. If we could integrate Dash to make everything work seamlessly from a POS perspective. A++ Having said that though, dongling an android wallet might just suffice which kinda aligns with @Solarminer comments You are right about proprietary systems. The CBA Albert is on...
  16. J

    Pre-Proposal: Point of Sale solution to accept Dash

    I'm thinking aloud here but there needs to be at least a point of sale GUI as a baseline to enable the business owner to configure their products of sale and then to assign the amount of Dash to it accordingly. It also probably needs a real time feed for the price of Dash since the market...
  17. J

    WTB Dash for AUD OTC trade

    Hi Everyone, Looking to buy some Dash to setup my next masternode. PM me if you are interested.
  18. J

    Pre-Proposal: Point of Sale solution to accept Dash

    For the moment I'm just casting a net to see what is currently available and drive a discussion. From there we can then start thinking about solutions, current gaps and future plans ect ect.
  19. J

    Pre-Proposal: Point of Sale solution to accept Dash

    Hi Guys, Long time reader and supporter of DASH. The idea has been brewing in my mind for quite sometime and I am now in a place where I could look take this further but I would definitely need your help. Are there any current POS solutions/ APIs available that would enable me to deploy to a...
  20. J

    Announcing DASH.ORG!

    Great Win guys. Congrats to all involved!