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    Eralith YouTube ad campaign report thread.

    Team Eralith. You just keep on impressing me. I am becoming quite the fan of you lot.
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    Pre-Proposal: Project Jet Plane, an Animated Dash Commercial

    I liked the last one, and I'm loving this one. Exactly what dash needs. Keep it up guys! :)
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    I propose we stop voting for irrelevant proposals until the end of the year. Burn the Dash.

    While I understand your concern, I think we need to take a long look at our situation as a "brand". Fact is, until Evolution comes out, our marketing teams are severely crippled. I believe ABJ and the lads who made that Youtube commercial have a said the same thing. I think the best thing we (as...
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    Official Pre-Proposal: Proposal Evaluation Committee

    Interesting. Can't say I'm 100% sold, but I'm definitely willing to see where this goes :) 1 concern I have: How do you decide that a specific committee memeber is qualified to be on your team?
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    1969 VW DASH BUS

    I'm glad to hear it man. I would just strongly recommend getting as much feedback as possible before you go through with it. 5 dash is a lot of money. Better safe than sorry.
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    1969 VW DASH BUS

    I love the idea. Best of luck!!
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    Pre - Proposal: Dash YouTube Ad Campaign (first commercial finished!)

    Salty about what? xD You're the one that made a fool of yourself? Out of respect for everyone else here, I'm going to end it here. I'd encourage you to grow a sack and at least try prove your legitimacy instead of all the nonsense talking you seem to be fond of. And to the OP. Here. Proof that...
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    Pre - Proposal: Dash YouTube Ad Campaign (first commercial finished!)

    Did they ever tell you, you were supposed to drop the act and go make something of yourself?
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    Now live! Proposal for YouTube advertising campaign.

    @bielie, Ignore @Keitsu. He's angry because he didn't think of this before you. Let him scream until people see him for the pathetic child he is. Well done for keeping your cool for as long as you have. I'd have lost it way before you did.
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    Pre - Proposal: Dash YouTube Ad Campaign (first commercial finished!)

    "A bit about myself before we begin looking at some statistics and figures: Previously studied 2D and 3D animation techniques. Established artist that designs and sells textures as a hobby. My work has been viewed over 300,000 times in the past year. Experience in the analysis of advertising...
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    Pre - Proposal: Dash YouTube Ad Campaign (first commercial finished!)

    The dash community has an abundance of resources to help newbies, but it isn't drawing people in as fast as it could. This is exactly what dash needed.