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    [BaikalEurope.eu]Safe place to buy Baikal miner in Europe | Gaint X,B,N

    Baikal BK-D for sale https://baikaleurope.eu/shop/baikal-bk-d-dual-mining/
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    [BaikalEurope.eu]Safe place to buy Baikal miner in Europe | Gaint X,B,N

    Hi guys, I would like to introduce you Baikal Europe shop. Few weeks ago I thought - There is no safe place to buy Baikal miners in Europe. Only some scam sites and individuals selling miners with ridiculous price. So thats reason why BaikalEurope.eu was created. Our goals is to create safe and...
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    My brand new Innosilicon A5 Dominator

    Man. Try prohashing.com and nicehash. 15USD/day
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    Baikal giant X10 best pool/algo

    I will receive mine on Monday.
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    Baikal giant X10 best pool/algo

    Hi guys, If you allready received giant X10 - What mining pool/algo are you using ? Share your experience.
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    WTS Selling Innosilicon A5 DashMaster

    I worked with Innosilicon on A5 and I will recieve my A5 DashMaster on Monday. They sent me A5 completely for free... I have high electricity costs. So thats reason why im selling this unit. Price: 6300USD Payment: PayPal / Escrow / Something save Country: Czech Republic...
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    Dash so high difficulty

    Mine DASH and HODL. If you want support this project. So many miners instantly sell DASH.
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    INNOSILICON A5 DashMaster 30.2GH in 750W

    Innosilicon is fuc*ing joke. They have no real photos/videos of miner. Nobody receive A5 miner. And they are selling new batch for crazy 9999USD. What the fu*ck Innosilicon ? http://www.innosilicon.com/html/a5-miner/index.html#Buy
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    WTS Antminers D3 2x in stock from first banch

    Images from Google.... https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2029822.0
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    Can someone explain me how Gigawatt works ?

    "There is no option to ship to home immediately. If you would like the miner to be sent to your household it would take approximately 120 days after delivery to our facility. This is the general breakdown; Once received at our facility it will mine for a minimum of 60 days. We then require a 60...
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    I know this is DASH forum. But I think this will be interesting for lot of people.
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    Sell 20 pieces of Antminer D3 Bitmain, September batch.

    Ye, one picture of your D3 :D.
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    Sell 20 pieces of Antminer D3 Bitmain, September batch.

    Send picture or video of your running D3.
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    INNOSILICON A5 DashMaster 30.2GH in 750W

    Maybe Innosilicon give back some amount of money. Who knows....
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    INNOSILICON A5 DashMaster 30.2GH in 750W

    Yes, thats true. Innosilicon have only prototype of chip in laboratory. Now they are starting creating A5.
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    Legit or Scam ? https://hminers.com/

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    WTS A5 DashMaster - 3 pcs. pre-order available

    https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/hardwarebros.com https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2018758.0 https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/antminer-d3-from-second-batch.16026/ https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/hardwarebros-has-anyone-purchased-from-them.16045/ You are welcome. Dear users...
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    Legit or Scam ? https://hminers.com/

    Its scam 1000%. Low domain age, Miners with crazy specs. (like ethereum 15Gh/s). Our Team - pictures from Google. Man :D That spec. (Bitcoin 650 TH/s Litecoin 22.5 GH/s Ethereum 15 GH/s Dash 50 GH/s) Thats funny :D
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    Has anyone ordered miners from pinidea.io?

    Yes, so bad photoshop :D Domain Created on : 25 July, 2017