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    New Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch!! Bullex

    is it still relevant? o_O
  2. Winner

    Best Safe Bitcoin Wallets for 2019

    thanks, but I prefer trading on Crypto Exchange with its own wallets for the last month, I've been even using Forex broker for crypto trading. it's very interesting to earn money on lowering the interest rate. Here you can find more details about it. I guess it look very attractive to get a...
  3. Winner

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    sounds very cool! welcome :)
  4. Winner

    trading exchange

    thanks a lot, bro:cool:
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    New rising

    I don't believe in a huge raise. It's better to focus on crypto speculation intraday, such as Forex trading. It's uncommon for crypto traders, but Forex market allows 1:3 leverage and it's possible to 'go short' there (earn money on price falling).
  6. Winner

    Something is happening in markets

    yeah, it's unlikely to rise to the same figures again, unfortunately. it's better to trade cryptos short-term and earn money on price flucatuations instead o_O. Forex is the best place for such strategy, I have been trading at one forex broker for 6 months and Short selling option helps me in...
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    Dash gambling

    Was it hard to earn forex trading basics for you? I guess, without practice it can be hard to trade coins there
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    The fall has stopped. It's about time to hide the nuts for the winter ;)
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    New rising

    I've heard Satoshi Nakamoto is going to announce his real company name (it's not a single person). it's likely to have significant effects on the market.
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    Interest of the newbie of the crypto world

    lol, raise deposit for free? In such case, the important thing is not to lose 3 times in case of wrong forecast :) but sounds interesting, thanks!
  11. Winner

    Interest of the newbie of the crypto world

    sounds optimistic :) . I recon, all that hype around bitcoin and its price is likely to come to an end. But, what do you think of other altcoins - ETH, for example?
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    Interest of the newbie of the crypto world

    Unfortunately, Dash and other altcoins' rates aren't attractive for long-term investment. Maybe someone knows how to earn money on a short-term basis with cryptocurrencies? I heard FX market offer such options. Has someone had such experience in trading cryptos on?
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    What are your plans with your Cryptocurrencies?

    I still waiting for trading my earned tokens on appropriate price later. Personally, it's not the exact time for selling any kind of cryptos. After recent 30$ mln hack btc and altcoins has fallen down seriously. We have to wait till the end of the year, I guess
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    Cryptocurrencies illegal?

    Blockchain technology was created with an idea of fixing and saving all the transactions' story, so the question is what do they want? I recon, world elite is just afraid of losing its power