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  1. Hashchain

    An Open Letter From Evan and Ryan Regarding Dash Marketing

    I think it is the best to do it this way. It will take Dash to a new level!
  2. Hashchain

    Hashchain Technology (Dash Mining)

    www.hashchain.ca The Future Of HashChain Hashchain’s main focus will be to build out its Dash mining capacity through its highly efficient data centres, with a goal of 40MW by 2019. Additionally, HashChain will pursue a number of strategic initiatives: Using cash on hand and mining proceeds...
  3. Hashchain

    iBeLink™ DM22G ASIC Dash Miner Support Thread

    I just set up 100 new rigs and am a member of coinmine.pl. If I was not part of a pool I would have mined 30 Dash but because of the pool only 20 Dash. I know this can go either way and it is a total gamble. Any advise going forward? Are pools worth it in the end of should you take the risk?
  4. Hashchain

    Pool Options

    Sorry I wrote the wrong pool above what about CoinMine.pl? That is what a bunch of my friends are currently using but mixed reviews.
  5. Hashchain

    Contacted by FBI

    I am learning that the Dash community is the best I have participated in to date. Learning so much daily!
  6. Hashchain

    D3 Vs Ibelink DM22G

    What is everyone's thoughts on the comparison between these two rigs? I know the specs and price differences but any other thoughts on overall performance and future competition between the D3's and DM22G's?
  7. Hashchain

    Pool Options

    Any experience with Nano Pool?
  8. Hashchain

    Pool Options

    In everyone's opinion what is the best pool to use and why? I am trying to decide on one now?
  9. Hashchain


    My name is Pat Gray and I am a Tech Entrepreneur from New York. I have started multiple successful businesses and currently own Hashchain Technology Inc. We are a crytpo mining company focused on Dash and also own a masternode. I have personally been an enthusiast of blockchain technology for...