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  1. DashDude

    Atomic Swaps for Dash

    I was also thinking about the outside dependencies, but there might be some solutions. For example, let's say Dash anchored to the three largest chains. The algo could default to using Dash's own chain unless all three of the other chains were in agreement and differed from Dash's chain. This...
  2. DashDude

    Atomic Swaps for Dash

    @GrandMasterDash There is another thing that I think would help with the store of value part of the equation - cross chain anchoring. One feature of Bitcoin is that their chain is the most secure because it's backed by the most hashpower. However, Factom is using a unique idea called cross...
  3. DashDude

    Atomic Swaps for Dash

    Yes, I've seen DFN write about this topic, but I haven't seen anything from Dash core on it. To the best of my knowledge there's nothing on the road map either. I'd like to see a plan for improvements beyond Evolution and scaling issues.
  4. DashDude

    Bulletproofs : can it can implemented as addition to Dash current privacy ?

    I love what I've read about bulletproofs. The biggest problem with Monero's RingCT is the huge transaction size, but this greatly reduces that problem. I know the current team is very busy working on Evolution, but with the large budget we have I'd like to see additional hires/teams working on...
  5. DashDude

    Atomic Swaps for Dash

    If you haven't yet read John Pfeffer's excellent paper An Institutiional Investor's Take on Cryptoassets I highly suggest you do. I don't necessarily agree with everyting 100%, but it is an excellent and thought provoking look at the crypto space and the different use cases like store of value...
  6. DashDude

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    Thanks for the explanation. Can you explain what the primary reason is for Venezuelans to have an Uphold account if they can't buy dollars/cryptos with Bolivars? Does Uphold make it easier to spend dollars deposited from a US bank account?
  7. DashDude

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    According to Google trends Uphold is gaining in popularity in Venezuela. Can anyone comment on how popular Uphold is there? As of today, Uphold now supports Dash. Is this a good solution to obtain Dash in Venezuela?
  8. DashDude

    Pre-proposal: Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash

    Should require InstantSend to be enabled. If multiple exchanges have it enabled it could allow Dash to be moved instantly from one exchange to another which would improve efficiency of cross-exchange arbitrage trading. Kraken already has it enabled. If Dash becomes the fastest and cheapest...
  9. DashDude

    We need more million-dollar proposals

    Large pay per click ad campaign like @dashdisciple proposed fits this bill. Can easily be increased if funds are available & decreased if needed for other priorities.
  10. DashDude

    30 reasons cryptocurrency will kick ass of banks

    I agree that crypto will change the banking world and with most of your points. However, banks won't go away. There will always be borrowers who want to borrow and savers who want to earn interest. Banks do a good job of providing this service and will continue to do so even if crypto takes...
  11. DashDude

    Cryptocurrency Documentary- what would you like to see

    I think this could be a good angle for a documentary as well. It would make sense to focus on some of bitcoin's problems and how other coins like Dash are working to resolve them. For example: Bitcoin's governance problems leading to forks - Dash Masternode voting Bitcoin's slow transactions...
  12. DashDude

    Spreading Dash to my community

    Check out this thread for some meetup ideas. Also, join the dashnation slack and check out a crazy student from Iowa State under the handle August for inspiration!
  13. DashDude

    Pre-proposal: DASH PrivateSend De-Anonymization Contest

    Hi Everyone, this proposal is still a few votes short with 5 days left to vote in the cycle. Please show your support with a yes vote if you haven't done so already. Thanks!
  14. DashDude

    Spreading Dash to my community

    Have you considered hosting a meetup? Depending on your skill set you may also be able to help the Dash project in other ways.
  15. DashDude

    Poll: Should we anoint demo a "Resident Troll" badge?

    A troll badge is a type of ad hominem attack. Debate ideas, not people or labels. If the discourse runs afoul of community guidelines I think there are already sanctions for that.
  16. DashDude

    Pre-proposal: DASH PrivateSend De-Anonymization Contest

    This proposal is now active!
  17. DashDude

    Browser Payment API - Compatible with Dash DAPI?

    Adding this useful Medium article written by a Standards Officer at Ripple and Co-chair of the W3C Web Payments Working Group.
  18. DashDude

    PRE Proposal: 36 + Dash ATM

    If I understand this proposal the idea is to get the dispensary/merchants out of the cash business by having customers make their purchases in Dash. Have the merchants been interviewed (Voice of Customer) to see what they will do with the Dash? If they lack access to normal banking channels...
  19. DashDude

    Pre-proposal: DASH PrivateSend De-Anonymization Contest

    @tungfa , I had a chat with @coingun last night. He said the landing page is no problem. Email is trickier for non core employees, but he's looking into it.
  20. DashDude

    Pre-proposal: DASH PrivateSend De-Anonymization Contest

    OK - one more update before I submit this. Escrow - @coingun has formed a Canadian company Green Candle, Inc. to handle escrows for Dash treasury payments. I've added this to the proposal. There is a 10 Dash escrow fee which I took out of my end on the project management side. The escrow...