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  1. verdugo

    [CLOSED] Masternode shares with automated payouts.

    Can you pm details on how to get in aswell?
  2. verdugo

    Understanding low price

    I have been into bitcoin since 2012 if I remember correctly, they had just broken 4$ and you are right in my opinion that without silk road, like it or not, we would not be talking about bitcoin today. as the old saying goes, theres no such thing as bad publicity! From an investment perspective...
  3. verdugo

    WANTED: Masternode Partners, 100-400DRK investment, initial 1 month duration, renewable

    DAMN!! always late to the party!! I alo want to go in with someone on a MN. If you do start selling shares in MN pls let me know!
  4. verdugo

    Congratulations ladies and gentlemen, i believe we have found cryto's platinum.

    The problem as I see it though, and let me say I'm a proponent of Darkcoin and absolutely love everything about the tech and concept behind it, is that because of its anonymity and even the name "dark" which implies illicit or nefarious uses (silk road et al come to mind) this coin will never be...
  5. verdugo

    We need more exchanges adopting DRK/USD.

    Www.vaultofsatoshi.com. Can trade drk/btc and about a dozen other crypto currencies as well as drk/usd and drk/cad. It's a canadian exchange but open to sign up internationally. They are legit, been using em without problem since they started last year. They also have a nice option to withdraw...