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  1. greensheep

    Possibility of z snark privacy on Dash in the future?

    The Darksend feature of Dash does have some issues, so I think Dash should explore possiblities to integrate z-snark in some way. The problems with Darksend that I see You must never leave any change when paying with darkmixed coins. Spending any change would break your anonymity. The smallest...
  2. greensheep

    Proposal: Core Team Contractors (May)

    So, you say, Core team members are paid unfairly. And we should hide this from them, such that they are not unhappy about it?
  3. greensheep

    Proposal: Core Team Contractors (May)

    For transparency, I would like to see a spread sheet of who got paid how much in each month.
  4. greensheep

    Inconsistency in Masternode - Upate to asap !

    So, there the nodes on the old version have forked off now which many gets mined on by zpool. I hope exchanges were already running the newest version of Dash... Noticed that poloniex has temporarily disabled deposits and withdrawals.
  5. greensheep

    Dash Evolution Sign Up Page

    Is the page at http://dashevolution.com/#/signup working for you? For me, clicking on Signup just seems to do nothing. I found following error: WebSocket connection to 'ws://dapi.dash.org:5000/' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Please fix.
  6. greensheep

    Monthly Investor Report -- DASH: Detailed

    Amanda, I think you're doing a great job! Keep on!
  7. greensheep

    August 2016 Development Update

    +1 I would also like to get more information about how the 12.1 features are implemented. What does Dashdrive mean for the Masternodes? How reliable is their data storage? How did the new budget system end up being implemented? Releasing information early allows for a wider peer review and...
  8. greensheep

    The Community could help me run the Half Marathon of Argentina through campaign donations?

    I could see me vote yes for a proposal to support this. Largely depending on the amount required.
  9. greensheep

    Evolution - Dashdrive Discussion

    I have been thinking some more about DashDrive. As I have explained before, implementing a sharded consistent storage on top of trustless (master)nodes is hard. But we already have a well-known technology for this: The blockchain! Therefore, I think each masternode shard should have its own...
  10. greensheep

    Evolution - Masternode Quorums and thin clients

    Thanks! But this is my point: A think client does not have the historical network metadata. So it somehow has to bootstrap it with information given by the masternode it connects to without having to trust the masternode. So, each masternode has a different SSL certificate? Who generates...
  11. greensheep

    Budget System v2 / Transform PR

    As contracts ultimately compete with non-contract budget proposal, and have preference over them, I think this is wrong. Contracts should never require less 'yes' votes than normal votes. eduffield any comment on this?
  12. greensheep

    Problems with Budget System / Possible Solutions

    +1 To carry over unspent budget to the next month with a limit of 1 year. I was initially sceptic about this, thinking that it is better to leave money unspent than use it for some random crap project. But there is the 10% votes hurdle for projects and accumulating some budget will allow for a...
  13. greensheep

    Evolution - Dashdrive Discussion

    See section 7.4 from the dash evolution paper (quotes below). This made me assume the DashDrive is used instead of MN (Quorum) locks. The miners would not have to keep the blockchain and verify the inputs are unspent. They'll instead have to verify that the transaction locks -- which will use...
  14. greensheep

    Evolution - Dashdrive Discussion

    Does this also mean it dash will not use the DashDrive for preventing double spend? Can somebody remove this from the paper then? Can you confirm transaction locking will still happen the same way as described in the InstantX paper? eduffield
  15. greensheep

    Evolution - Masternode Quorums and thin clients

    I do not fully understand how the masternode quorums are chosen. The DashPay paper contains a reference to http://www.dashpay.io/whitepaper.pdf which does not exist. Has this been a doc with additional information about this technology? Still available somewhere? Summarizing from the evolution...
  16. greensheep

    Evolution - Dashdrive Discussion

    The "Scalability and performance" section of the evolution paper has some numbers on expected storage based on rate of network transactions. I think the idea is to not have fixed requirements but to require the MNs to scale as the network growths -- which is supposed to happen in lockstep with...
  17. greensheep

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself: I am a software engineer with several years of experience in developing applications. I got interested in darkcoin/dash in 2014 andI have been running a masternode for more than a year. In my daily job I take care of the reliability of distributed...
  18. greensheep

    Evolution - Dashdrive Discussion

    The evolution paper does not talk about storing the blockchain in DashDrive in a sharded way (as primary source of truth). If this is really the plan, this would definitely deserve its section on its own. There are major challenges: E.g.: Who validates the transactions in a block? How to agree...
  19. greensheep

    Purchase using Bitcoins - My Experience

    Recently, when renewing a domain that I own I noticed that my registrar now supports Bitcoins to pay for the transaction. So, I thought, hey, why not give it a try to promote crypto coins instead of sending fees to credit card companies. The experience was terrible. The registrar showed me the...