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  1. Alessandro Cecere

    New P2P Dash Marketplace

    Interesting... I would suggest aiming at editing a video of the Work Team when you launch the proposal in the Treasury. It is also important to structure your proposal with the respective Format used by other users and Masternodes. Proposals have a limit of words you can use to explain your...
  2. Alessandro Cecere

    Listing of PR Outlets Italy

    Salve, vorrei sapere se ancora lei avrebbe un intenzione di portare avanti un progetto simile. Ci vogliono persone in Italia lavorando su Dash. Grazie mille
  3. Alessandro Cecere

    Do Masternodes really help to stabilize the price?

    Well 60% of Dash circulating supply is held by masternodes. So basic analysis would conclude HODLing equals long term value appreciation. Masternodes are excellent for the ecosystem in the long run
  4. Alessandro Cecere

    Dash Video Casino, over 300 DSH in Jackpots!

    WOOOOOOW. Impressive, massive project. The crypto community needs to be enhanced with the use of video games. Will create an account at your webpage immediately. Did you end up posting a proposal to Treasury?
  5. Alessandro Cecere

    Use DASH! www.usedash.cash

    Excellent proposal. However I would suggest developing more content for the webpage and propose hiring a Graphic Designer. Also provide a video showing all of the work team showing transparency to the Dash community. We like very much people presenting themselves
  6. Alessandro Cecere

    25% Drop In 6 Days and No One Cares!

    Even these days it has been a whatever moment for crypto markets. HODL HODL DASH
  7. Alessandro Cecere

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi there, Thank you very much for the introduction and all of the services you guys are providing over here at Dash. My name is Alessandro and I am a Venezuelan Economist, currently I am working with my business partners in a Blockchain-realted project called COINSPREE. In order to foster the...