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    Core Team Proposals (Funding October 1st)

    Appreciate the very early pre-proposal announcement Glen. Keep up the good work everyone at core. It is becoming evident the markets are viewing the professionalism of this project favorably. I believe your pre-proposal announcements will be asking for less than 10% in the near future.
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    PIVX/Dash masternode governance, building the worlds first decentralised partnerships

    What an incredible idea. We see this happen in the business/stock market world, why not the cryptocurrency world? Maybe merging is what will inevitably consolidate this space into just a handful of big cryptocurrencies. It would be interesting to see Dash lead the forefront on this.
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    Dash_Maracaibo no para y sigue empeñado en la Adopción en Venezuela

    Those have to be the best looking DASH shirts I have seen.
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    Pre-Proposal Dash & Rewards.com Retail Payment/Loyalty Solution

    This is going to open up a ton of Dash merchant acceptance and its a major on ramp to buying Dash. This has far more value than most of the proposals on the table now. It sounds like Core has already worked out a partnership to be the underlying cryptocurrency used on the rewards platform...
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    CryptoLifeX --- VEF/ DASH--- DASH/ VEF EXCHANGE

    This is a must. This is what sets Dash apart from the competition. The initial funding of exchanges in areas of adoption is absolutely crucial to our success. We are currently the only network capable of this in a decentralized and sustainable way. I hope masternodes take a long look at the...
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    MyDashWallet Continued Development

    Is there any work being done to incorporate https://mydashwallet.org/Mixing into our mobile phone apps? Particularly I would like to see users be able to use this feature to create sub-wallets within the phone wallet that have been mixed. This would be a killer feature. I know its not...
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    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    So unfortunate the last proposal wasn't funded but Dash MN chose to give a huge sum to a sports gambling site that doesn't even mention Dash on its front page. Your dedication to Dash is noted and I hope the next round you make a proposal is funded.
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    Welcome Ernesto Contreras - Regional Manager Latin America (LATAM)

    Welcome. You've come at a tough time in the crypto space but we are tough as nails here. The team that Dash Core is putting together is one of the best. Good times ahead.
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    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    Wow. So many new people joining to support this great project. Dash is growing the right way.
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    I have to agree with you on this one. If MN want to fund media outlets that they politically align with than they can donate their own MN rewards and stop abusing the Dash Treasury.
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    Ignore Dash: Branding as THE COIN for "Instant Confirmations"

    Will be voting for this. This will make Dash fun. Our current method of ads needs this twist.
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    Ben Swann has been defunded. Keep him out. Vote good ones in.

    We've all felt the heat with the market dip. Ben has felt the burn too. Let see what he can deliver now. He knows this isn't a free ride. But for now he has the support.
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    Feedbands getting 1243 / 6176 Dash this month. This needs to stop ASAP.

    I see no problem with a large target marketing budget outside of core. My opinion, the targeted marketing should shift toward helping successful projects, small and big, that are seeing momentum. I do think we have been seeing this from feedbands. So keep the funds flowing. I would like to see...
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    [UPDATED] Pre-Proposal: Dash India - Promoting Dash for Crypto-Remittances.

    Congrats Supreet. It looks like you have not only support but overwhelming support for your project. I'm looking forward to seeing this project develop.
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    Proposal Discussion : Wasting Millions on Ben Swan for what?

    Why are you referencing Evan in your thread title? What does Evan have anything to do with this proposal? "Ben Swann finally being kicked out. Thank you (Evan)?"
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    proposals corruption in Venezuela inflating budgets

    Venezuela teams are doing a great job considering the situation and what they are trying to be doing. This is not a easy thing to be doing. We have all seen the crowd turn out. They also take risk to themselves. They deserve every penny they have received for the work they are doing to help...
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    [UPDATED] Pre-Proposal: Dash India - Promoting Dash for Crypto-Remittances.

    Thanks QuikWallet. There you go Supreet. You already have a remittance gateway to FIAT and your proposal hasn't even passed yet. Wow.
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    [UPDATED] Pre-Proposal: Dash India - Promoting Dash for Crypto-Remittances.

    I think there should definitely be some funding for you to work on a project with regards to India remittances using Dash. You will need to provide some more detail about yourself and I strongly suggest you make some videos about your proposal. I recommend you include an example marketing or...
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    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    Well hell....we just threw a million at core for an advertising budget. At least this will at least attempt to accomplish what cryptocurrency was meant to accomplish. You have my support on this David. The only thing I ask is that this is well documented for the world to know what is...