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  1. Salkenex

    WTS Baikal X11 Crypto-Currency ASIC Miner 150MH 40w

    okay well thanks for your timely input. as you can see, I posted the baikal for sale nearly 8 months ago. I sold it on ebay that week. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with them. I was a little disappointed at the time because of the low value of Dash and all the ASICs coming online. However...
  2. Salkenex

    Dash mentioned as faster alternative to Bitcoin at Market Watch

    http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-biggest-threat-facing-bitcoin-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-sec-2017-03-09 It's always good getting mentions like this.
  3. Salkenex

    WTS Baikal X11 Crypto-Currency ASIC Miner 150MH 40w

    Still for sale. It's only about 2 months old and still clean and works like new.
  4. Salkenex

    WTS Baikal X11 Crypto-Currency ASIC Miner 150MH 40w

    I'm selling a Baikal Mini X11 Crypto-Currency ASIC Miner 150MH 40w. 50 Dash includes shipping. Will happily use escrow. Or $550 via PayPal.
  5. Salkenex

    iBeLink™ DM384M ASIC Dash Miner

    according to Coin Warz calculator if you have 6000 difficulty constant and .10 energy cost it would take 10 months to break even. but you know difficulty will go up. we've already seen 12k difficulty and if you calculate for 12k you break even after about 26-28 months.
  6. Salkenex

    lock transactions

    Is there a way to lock an entire wallet public address from being spent in the wallet? I know if you have 1000 Dash collateral for a MN the wallet will lock it but what if I want all the payments that go to that MN address to also be locked? Can that be done by a single setting? Can I lock each...
  7. Salkenex

    Hashing Speeds

    Has anyone been able to mine with the new R9 390's or Fury X yet? Curious about hash speeds on these new cards.
  8. Salkenex

    No mn payments, why?

    mine has not been paid since 3/26. I upgraded to over 6 days ago.
  9. Salkenex

    Groups of MNs that get payment in a row

    I noticed something similar to this yesterday while I was digging through the masternodes trying to find a reason why my node has not been paid since the 11.2.17 upgrade.
  10. Salkenex

    no MN payments

    I haven't received a MN payment since 3/26. I've been updated to for 5 days 5 hours 37 minutes now. I've still not received a payment. According to all sources, I've got green lights on everything. Node is being seen, I'm 0 on PoSe. I checked my server and dashd getinfo says I'm good...
  11. Salkenex

    Announcing the winning logo! #1

    while I'm disappointed at not winning with my logo #7, I'm glad the one I would have voted for other than mine is the one that won. Thanks to all that voted for my logo and insisted it be part of the voting. \o/
  12. Salkenex

    Dash Logo Contest

    I wasn't aware there was a contest for the logo. I'm kind of disappointed my logo didn't get added since there was a lot of community members that liked it. Thanks Aleix for the +1 and strix for the mention of a write-in. As for the logos in this post to choose from? I don't like all the arrows...
  13. Salkenex

    Official Change From Darkcoin To Dash

    I think it's great that it's official and look forward to the next chapter. PS my feelings won't be hurt if my logo isn't used, but it would be pretty damn cool if it was.
  14. Salkenex

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    hello. been on the ANN thread for a while but it's always an argument over there. hopefully it's more civil over here.