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  1. moxx aka joe

    [Pre-Proposal] Dash Lounge in Vienna, Austria

    Im my opinion mass adopion is not possible with technical solutions only. It is important to start with this kind of community centres to spread the idea and start to hit the mass market.
  2. moxx aka joe

    [Pre-Proposal] Dash Lounge in Vienna, Austria

    Basic Education is for free. ATM fee, Merchandising (starter packages, etc) and Cafe profit covers the costs. The goal is to create a community of Crypto-Enthusiasts, who drive the power of blockchain and Dash as THE payment coin.
  3. moxx aka joe

    [Pre-Proposal] Dash Lounge in Vienna, Austria

    We will provide a free seminar on frequently base (weekly, twice weekly) about Basics of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Wallets, ATMs, POS systems, difference Dash - BTC, Masternode System, Dash DAO, etc. The goal is to bring more people into cryptocurrencies...
  4. moxx aka joe

    [Pre-Proposal] Dash Lounge in Vienna, Austria

    Dash Lounge in Vienna, Austria Overview Vienna is the capital of Austria and together with its metropolitan area, it has a population of 2.6 million people. If you add the nearby cities Bratislava and Budapest, the capitals of Slovakia and Hungary, the population is higher than Washington...
  5. moxx aka joe

    I'm new

  6. moxx aka joe

    Cryptocurrencies that have governance.

    Tezos sounds really good, if they can implement it like they say in their whitepaper.
  7. moxx aka joe

    Do Masternodes really help to stabilize the price?

    I mean, the money in circulation isn't really affected by the DASH held back. So why should they stabilize the price?