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  1. Dans

    Should Dash add MWEB?

    I came here many years ago for four reasons that I couldn't find in other places: 1-speed 2-Cheap commissions 3-Possibility of stacking 4-Optional privacy Anything that improves any of the four previous points will have my approval as long as it does not give up the decentralized essence of...
  2. Dans

    unconfirmed, in the memory

    Tnanks @xkcd it works :)
  3. Dans

    unconfirmed, in the memory

    Today it has happened to me for the second time that a transaction is reflected in my desktop wallet as unconfirmed, in the memory equipment. The first time it happened: Date: 10/14/2022 17:05 For: XekyTs6pKpm5bpRKebhYvmozW16zkuYqfo Debit: -0.47937710 DASH Transaction fee: -0.00000225 DASH Net...
  4. Dans

    New DCG Interim CEO: Patrick Quinn

    In every company, a general supervisor is necessary who is in charge of looking after the general interests of a project. The human being is lazy by nature and needs to have a constant guard to ensure that he undertakes the work for which he has been hired, otherwise he will become careless...
  5. Dans

    Any one with dash future prediction ?

    it is difficult to say. Years ago when Dash was trading at $2 or $3, to think that Dash would be worth $40 would be crazy. Today, it seems very cheap if we look at prices above $1,000, but the big question is, was it crazy at $1,000, or is it now at $40? Let's think that for example Dash is...
  6. Dans

    Dash Price Discussion and Dash Shortterm/Longterm Price Trend Speculation

    In December 2019 Dash was trading at $45, also in March 2017 it was around that price. We are now in June 2022 and we have $45. let's accept that there is more dash in the market and less masternodes than there were three or four years ago, and therefore more dash to capitalize and lower the...
  7. Dans

    Dash Price Discussion and Dash Shortterm/Longterm Price Trend Speculation

    How do you see it, mate? 50$ We have returned almost to the beginning, has all this waiting been worth something, or have we made the wrong boat? All the best
  8. Dans

    I think Dash needs some changes

    There are two ways to learn based on errors: 1- own mistakes 2-mistakes of others. Unfortunately we have chosen the second mode for several years. I understand your position, and I appreciate your view of the current problem, from your perspective. I support what you say, as sometimes, it...
  9. Dans

    Taxi toppers report: Miami

    If you really want Dash to be used in Miami, financially convince, for example, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Shakira... to take one of those taxis and show how he/she uses Dash direct, saying some catchy phrase like "Viajo más cuando uso Dash", and then put it on youtube and you will see how it...
  10. Dans

    Dash Price Discussion and Dash Shortterm/Longterm Price Trend Speculation

    Things are getting complicated to capture new higher prices while the master nodes continue to drop. Let's think that right now we have the nodes that we had in 2016, with the difference that much more Dash has been mined, having today the amount of almost 11 million coins, of which as I write...
  11. Dans

    Dash Price Discussion and Dash Shortterm/Longterm Price Trend Speculation

    I believe that the market is certainly progressively eliminating everything that makes no sense in the long term. I remember the time of the ".com" where hundreds of shares went to the market to seek financing for unrealistic and unrealistic goals. The same thing happened here, smart contracts...
  12. Dans

    Dash Price Discussion and Dash Shortterm/Longterm Price Trend Speculation

    If we think of the price as speculation on Dash's future performance, I think it should be higher than the current price. We compare Dash to its direct competitors (BTC, LTC, BCH, BSV, Monero, Doge...) and there is a very large price differential, given better performance. The only explanation...
  13. Dans

    dash price: April 2020 was 83, Aprial 2022 is 82

    Too much has been spent on useless salaries, instead of hiring developers or promoting talent. In a marketing that has never existed. In trips, conferences, promotions, in financing garbage... all that has not improved the network, it has only drained it of capital. We can see how currencies...
  14. Dans

    Dash Trust Protectors Please React!

    DCG is owned by the Dash network, an attack on its employees is an attack on the Dash network. I am not sure of your statement. DCG's work does belong to the Dash network, but the personal actions of members are not the responsibility of DCG. If we dedicated ourselves to working and carrying...
  15. Dans


    He took his salary and didn't keep some of the promises like delivering "evolution" on time. I don't see Ryan doing anything for free, he just played his cards. Sometimes correctly and others in my opinion, no. With that being said, I wish him well away from Dash.
  16. Dans

    What did you like the Best thing about dash?

    Without a doubt, the inclusion of Dash in many markets. An instant or private delivery is useless if no one or almost no one accepts it. Working on acceptance will bring the rest. Imagine, for example, that I want to buy some sneakers and I have IOTA or BTC or ETH in my wallet, and I need to...
  17. Dans

    dash? do not understand why people still buy this dead coin

    For quite some time Dash has been moving at the pace of BTC but gradually losing value against it. BTC has become a store of value, and the reference of this world. While Dash has diluted its value with wasted budgets, mining, and paying nodes. The value of all that dash thrown into the...
  18. Dans

    DCG Discussion Regarding Allegations & Ryan Taylor Resignation

    @vazaki3 , of those 13 million, what percentage has Ryan pocketed approximately? I'm talking about salary. It seems that sails are being retracted, 30 MN have been "turned off" from the network. We'll see how far we go. For those who still believe in Dash's future with a loaded gun, we may...
  19. Dans

    DCG Discussion Regarding Allegations & Ryan Taylor Resignation

    It's hard to make consistent decisions when Dash has such poor price performance against empty projects that outperform it in capitalization. We all see projects capitalizing double or triple or four times what Dash does, without having a useful project or with a clear future projection. At...