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  1. afmjames

    DASH FOR EMPLOYEES-Dash Maracay-Venezuela

    For me its a great idea to incrase the supply of dash. With a direct benefit to the workers. They need to spend it for two reason. 1.- the salaries they are receiving now are Insufficient. so is a need to complete their salary anyway, this...
  2. afmjames

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi, every body i am from Venezuela, part of Cagua dash team, our expectation is give more value to dash community. Thank have a nice day. Cpa, life coach, and enterpeneur.regards
  3. afmjames

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Hi Members of Dash Force. This Friday 26/10/2018 we finish successfully our first meeting of dash Cagua. We Begin at 430 pm and finished about 730 pm. Place: Subway Restaurant San Jacinto, Maracay Estado Aragua We were 29 persons for all. 6 participant of dash Maracay team. For the dash...
  4. afmjames

    How do uninstall from linux

    no, idea sorry :(
  5. afmjames

    Dash Mobile Apps

    all of that wallet i can use it to save my dash?? thanks
  6. afmjames

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    @TaoOfSatoshi thank for the welcome. how i can make comments in dash central?, they asking me for a mno number o something like that, i dont know any mno. How i contact that person, i know your are one mno but, how i can do to make comment in dash central. if i am new user of the platform thanks