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  1. JZA

    Dash Haiti proposal

    I recommend to take a course in your local university on budgeting and/or accounting to learn how to better draft these proposals as I see the budget breakdown very poor and elemental. I recommend to invest in yourself and be more professional to present these proposals making real estimates...
  2. JZA

    Proposal: Dedicated Dash Videos to my 133,000 Audience

    DASH has constantly complained that they dont get enough mainstream exposure on the crypto spaces. So I think it would be good to not shun every youtuber with this narrative. As long as they dont ask prohibitive ammounts they should have a shot and have DASH more into the centersapce of the...
  3. JZA

    Pre-proposal: Grant to masternodes all leftover treasury funds each cycle.

    Wouldnt this just damage the already greatly battered price, increasing the offer of dash will cause add even more pressure to perform and bigger pain if not. Because now you have an extra 1000 or more DASH released even if its at the hands of DCG. I also dont see DCG becoming more productive...
  4. JZA


    My opinion is that your budget is very rudimentary, I would advice to talk to a real accountant and see how real budgets get drawn out in normal companies. or something like this: DASH Nexus has a good drawn out budget you should try to review it and adjust to something similar...
  5. JZA

    Professional Marketing Service For Dash

    Seems the epic marketing firm is gone.... guess that pitch didn't worked that well after all.
  6. JZA

    Dash Haiti General Adoption and Marketing Proposal

    Good luck Carlomile, I think you have good experience with the community and I am glad you are pushing crypto where is needed the most. I hope this proposal can evolve into more people in Haiti adopting DASH and their freedom it provides specially in todays global economic crisis where...
  7. JZA

    Facebook messenger bot for Dash commerce

    For a while I have tried to get DASH and crypto to be used more by the masses, lately I have tried to research mainstream apps that million of people use on daily basis. Facebook is one of those specially built for commerce. Facebook messenger bots have been around for a while and I think this...
  8. JZA

    Pre-Proposal: Modular Networking Backend for Dash Core

    yes you can put the 5 dash back on your proposal, but remember you can also ask for multi-month proposal with only the 5 initial DASh, just make sure that you specify that in the proposal period. Escrow is also a good advice, I will go with that as well.
  9. JZA

    Pre-Proposal: Modular Networking Backend for Dash Core

    As you know the treasury is very diminised thanks to Dash Core group taking 60% of the treasury leaving an average of 850 Dash. At this moment, most of the remaining is fought very hashly by contending groups. I think at this point a lot of MNO are very careful to see proof of the ROI for...
  10. JZA

    Proposal: Creation of a team of competitive events

    Well newsflash, DASH is technology, and there is 'Brazil' and there is 'e-Brazil', you will have much more luck trying to convince people in 'e-Brazil' than in real Brazil. You will probably cover much more ground as Brazil is a very large place. So you might only appeal to 0.1% of 1 town which...
  11. JZA

    Proposal: Creation of a team of competitive events

    not sure that's relevant. But if you are going say that your country is poor and there is no technology, I really dont see that as a reason.
  12. JZA

    Proposal: Creation of a team of competitive events

    p you keep thinking analog, a 'shop' is nothing but a wordpress site with woo-commerce and the dash plugin for it.
  13. JZA

    Proposal: Creation of a team of competitive events

    Why not organize a game tournament that gives crypto prices instead of FIAT.
  14. JZA

    Proposal: Creation of a team of competitive events

    I am more pesimistic about 'analog' things like events and such. for me the best way to grow the network is by focusing on ONLINE activities and ONLINE payment. If you are a blogger, youtuber, gamer, translator, then earn DASH. So your idea is good but move it away from analog world things...
  15. JZA

    Proposal: Creation of a team of competitive events

    I think DASH needs actual transactions not just promotion. We are on a down market and MNO want 'value' above promotions. Real value come from money coming in the network from people that otherwise wouldnt buy these DASH using their fiat money. Please keep building a proposal that achieve this.
  16. JZA

    Pre-Proposal: The Dash Dollar

    No, there has been many accidents on schemes on this 'stablecoin'. we call them fiat because is value is based on a debt that keeps increasing each time. The US dollar has lost 20% of its value through inflation at 3% anual inflation. And even if this is a relative low number, like Roger Ver...
  17. JZA


    There was never released any video at all.
  18. JZA

    Estamos Activos en DashBoost con una propuesta emocionante.

    Como dijo strophy, se me hace raro que pidan el máximo. Se me hace que están inflando la propuesta para pagarse. Hay muchos que lo están haciendo y tarde o temprano muchos pagarán el costo de esto. Serían tan amables de auto regularse en sus peticiones antes que alguien más los forcen a regularse.
  19. JZA

    Community call: DCG Business Development's plans - 6 September 2018

    Any news from Dash Core, I havent seen many new reports on the achievements from core these past weeks. I am sorry but communication channel has drop once again. I wonder how many people agree or maybe I am just not paying attention to the blog or other medium where they could be posting?
  20. JZA

    Proposal: Dash Electrum Q3 and Q4 support and development

    Any update on the fdroid publishing of the app?