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  1. DashNation

    Budget System (Funding / Voting / DGBB)

    Answer is yes and yes A proposal can be downvoted either right up to voting cut off date or before the next cycle to stop second payments or remaining in series.
  2. DashNation

    Pre-Proposal: Integrate DASH support into Bitnik Reload

    This would be instramental in using dash in daily spending. If I spend DASH this service buys back what i spent at current market rate so you dont lose to price slippage. I dont need to bring up exchange and buy back spent DASH to maintain my DASH balance. If I had a full node I would vote for...
  3. DashNation

    Next-gen on-chain scalability - Masterblocks

    Pretty cool concept how can we test the formation of a masterblock? Are you a developer, have you been trying this out or this this all theory right now?
  4. DashNation

    Pre-Proposal: The Dash Expansion at Skatopia

    Interesting way to get the youth educated about Dash..
  5. DashNation

    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    web sites that accept bitcoin dont always take dash, start with both small vendors on a pos system. And getting online vendors to accept dash that perform a service where timing matters. These cards cover the gap until one day the ecosystem is so robust converting back to fiat will be the hard part.
  6. DashNation

    Copay-Dash Wallet (Testnet Only / RC 0.1)

    could you use this as a means to detect a wellet has sent x dash somewhere and a back end server makes api call to buy more dash from exchange and replenish the x amount sent?
  7. DashNation

    U.S. asks foreign travelers to voluntarily disclose social media profiles

    The US doesnt need citizens to identify social media profiles because they already know them....
  8. DashNation

    Dash Lamassu Integration Official Thread

    So if not ATM shipment occured will there be refund of the funds for this cost that was approved in proposal?
  9. DashNation

    LaBitConf 2016 Argentina

    Where is the DASH ATM ?
  10. DashNation

    A Dash Update - Evan Duffield Speaks About LaBitConf

    Nice are there pictures or reports of the event outside the lecture videos?
  11. DashNation

    12.1 Testnet Testing Phase Two Ignition

    Why is testnet so broken? what is with all the nodes? Is there some bug reported for node ip duplication issues?where do we report bugs do we need an account for github? These nodes are not working obviously and causing mixing isses but still getting MN rewards somehow de spite being 25%...
  12. DashNation

    New Dash Promotion Game | Dash-Lanes Kingdom

    Do a DASH wars, like the old drug wars, trade sell travel and risk it all in a fight with cops. I would play that!
  13. DashNation

    Does Dash tends to value?

    More publicity with new wallets and projects completing. Anyone who didnt know about dash with a jaxx wallet.will soon know learn and join the heard...
  14. DashNation

    SOLUTION: How to pay dash over the phone

    Cool idea but needs more than 5 digits and alpha numeric IMHO or shorter time to live like 30 seconds or it could be gamed quickly..
  15. DashNation

    [ETC] BDT.IO | 0,1% fee | Payouts every 12 hours

    That is slang dont let him fool you, it's not a word... Who is.mining this pool? Go classic!
  16. DashNation

    Proposal: Dash Foundation Donation

    This is a good idea and could prevent a whale from abusing budget system.
  17. DashNation

    Marketing Idea for Dash

    I am placing dash stickers near pokemon training spots.
  18. DashNation

    Dash DDoS attack?

    Yes it is possible, but many MN are in data center with ddos protection, IP rerouting etc when DASH is worth it being a target it will become one but when DASH is worth more surviving MN owners can pay from rewards for higher service classes. I see my node crashed from not.emougj memory and too...
  19. DashNation

    Pre Proposal: Dash Across America Crypto Only Promotional Road Trip

    I agree with Quantum. If you wont / cant disclose btc donation amount and you are promoting eth for free. I vote no as well. Im surprised there isnt a doge dog somewhere on your bus. I would vote yes if you listed out 100 wallet adresses with 1 DASH each and ask the new wallet owner to join...