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  1. momo3HC

    The PoW Extinction Event within 10 - 20 years

    Communist state? Why?
  2. momo3HC

    I’m new here - Where should I share a cool Dash adoption directory I built?

    1 place and 2 freelancers in Bulgaria accepting it. Cool and useful app. :)
  3. momo3HC

    China's crackdown, Dash needs to move away from X11

    China bans crypto every year and even multiple times per year. We all know that this is absolute nonsense so why this kind of news are considered seriously still?
  4. momo3HC

    Newbie questions

    You can be paid in every crypto you want and it`s very good way even.
  5. momo3HC

    How long would fall dash/btc and dash/eth?

    May be but don`t underestimate this long downtrend.
  6. momo3HC

    NFT Games: the most anticipated ones in 2021

    The snake are gaining popularity again for sure. :D
  7. momo3HC

    Hello. I just got out of prison. Ask me some questions : )

    The first question as always is - For what crime did you were in prison?