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  1. Lzeppelin

    torguard logless VPN

    It is, but I've used it for years and they usually have pretty good 30-50% off black Friday / cyber Monday sales. The discount is recurring too so as long as you don't cancel you keep the low price.
  2. Lzeppelin

    torguard logless VPN

    After asking a while ago for them to add DRK as a payment option I just now noticed torguard does! Just choose to pay with altcoins and DRK will show up as an option. Also torguard is logless as said here.
  3. Lzeppelin

    Darksend and waiting

    My mixing has been stuck so I shut it down but I just started it back up now that there is someone to mix with, hopefully I speed stuff up for you a bit.
  4. Lzeppelin

    Mixing stuck?

    Bump. It's been like 3 days and nothing. I'm running git could that be what's wrong?
  5. Lzeppelin

    Mixing stuck?

    It's been over 12 hours with nothing, is this normal? If so I'm pretty concerned about this whole darkcoin thing. The unique feature darkcoin banks on is anonymity but if the wait times make anonymizing impractical doesn't that just make DRK like the 1000 other clone coins? edit you said 60...
  6. Lzeppelin

    Wallet Anon Time

    I just started mine, nothing so far in 12 hours :(
  7. Lzeppelin

    Mixing stuck?

    Thanks! I'll leave it on overnight.
  8. Lzeppelin

    Mixing stuck?

    I'm anonimyzing 1000 DRK with 8 rounds, it's been over an hour and I'm still at 0% which doesn't worry me. What worries me is I only have one 0.001 transaction sent to myself and by running top I see darkcoin is using next to no CPU. Any advice?
  9. Lzeppelin

    Paper: Transaction Locking and Masternode Consensus

    But that movie just came out last year?
  10. Lzeppelin

    I like this...

    I have a tab open on https://bitcoinwisdom.com/markets/bitfinex/drkusd so I can easily see the DRK/USD price in the tab header and I was surprised to see it drop over a dollar from last night. I was even more suprised upon opening btc-e and mintpal to see DRK/BTC barely dropped, the majority of...
  11. Lzeppelin

    History Day on Bitcoinwisdom.com

    DRK is going up and BTC is going down, RC5 changed errthing!
  12. Lzeppelin

    RC5 Launching September 22nd

    Will this be open sourced?
  13. Lzeppelin

    Sell tweets for DarkCoins

    Cool! I don't twitter but awesome service.
  14. Lzeppelin

    1st "WHO AM I?" DarkSend+ testnet game: 2 DS+ rounds.

    You can follow them so does that mean you know where they end up?
  15. Lzeppelin

    CloakSend 2.0 / PoSA - fake or legit?

    I'm just wondering what the purpose of a closed beta on testnet is?
  16. Lzeppelin

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    I really like the new #2
  17. Lzeppelin

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    I vote #4. +1
  18. Lzeppelin

    Development Updates - July 15th

    To the moon! Seriously though it's great news I think the removal of all darksend limits makes this coin actually usable for it's intended purpose for the first time and the price will reflect this, before RC4 darksend was little more than a proof of concept. I can't wait until RC4!
  19. Lzeppelin

    Mintpal - successful attack on VeriCoin, lost a considerable amount

    Still really REALLY stupid "Hey accept our coin but if you do and an exchange is hacked we'll roll back and you'll lose your coins AND be out your merchandise." Granted this won't really affect merchants who immediatley convert to fiat but still, it's kind of ironic the more of a believer you...
  20. Lzeppelin

    Mintpal - successful attack on VeriCoin, lost a considerable amount

    Why would you fork? Errbody who bought after the attack will lose their coins.