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  1. Darren

    Dash Core v18.0.1 Released

    Thanks @thephez !!!
  2. Darren

    Dash Core v18.0.1 Released

    Everything seems to be working, but I'm getting this message when running sentinel.
  3. Darren

    Confirmation Bias

    Sure, confirmation bias refers to a poor way to argue. If research is done with a confirmation bias then it's very likely the research could reach incorrect conclusions. Say, we wanted to argue about a dog named Harvey. Let's say that we want to argue that Harvey is a good boy. Is it a true...
  4. Darren

    General DIF Communication and Feedback Thread (2021/2022 cycle)

    If you haven't seen it, the DIF's second newsletter is out.
  5. Darren

    Confirmation Bias

    Network, Do you know what confirmation bias is? https://yourbias.is/confirmation-bias
  6. Darren

    Dash Core Group Newsletter.

    Thanks for posting this!
  7. Darren

    I want to know about Dash?

    I believe it is the best crypto project that aims to be a currency.
  8. Darren

    What did you like the Best thing about dash?

    I love using DashDirect and saving money.
  9. Darren

    General DIF Communication and Feedback Thread (2021/2022 cycle)

    I just noticed that I did not post our first newsletter in this thread. DIF's first newsletter. Subscribe to be the first to be updated when our new issue comes out. Every newsletter is published as a standalone website if you don't want to sign up. Thanks for posting about the dead ipfs link...
  10. Darren

    DashDirect Virtual Visa/MC Proposal Updates

    I used the card in Beta. It worked! Can't wait for NFC to be turned on!!
  11. Darren

    Thoughts about Dash and NFTs

    The DIF is going to network with HNW people with NFTs or without. The DIF did discuss buying a NFT, but that conversation quickly morphed into buying a NFT platform. Personally, I'd be interested in what type of NFT platform Dash Platform can support.
  12. Darren

    General DIF Communication and Feedback Thread (2021/2022 cycle)

    Thank you for your concern @AgnewPickens We have prepared a newsletter and are reviewing it now. Please find our year end assets here.
  13. Darren

    Information about DIF November 2021 asks

    I didn't know if this was displaying properly on dash central. Here's an alternative source of the November DIF proposal information. Dear Network, This proposal is part of two proposals submitted for funding this cycle. DIF ongoing funding (300 DASH Nov-Jan) DIF suplemental funding (400...
  14. Darren

    What wallet is it better to use

    I use the desktop wallet from Dash Core Group. However that uses some space and needs to sync. I also use Dash Wallet or electrum on mobile. There are other good wallets out there as well.
  15. Darren

    Brazil Community

    Relevant to this thread. Dash is now spendable at over 1.5 million locations in Brazil, thanks to a Dash integration into bitfy.app
  16. Darren

    General DIF Communication and Feedback Thread (2021/2022 cycle)

    The newsletter published yesterday was produced exclusively by the DIF. There are other Dash related newsletters.
  17. Darren

    General DIF Communication and Feedback Thread (2021/2022 cycle)

    The first issue of the DIF newsletter is now live. https://dashinvests.substack.com/p/dash-investment-foundation-newsletter This issues identifies our Q2 2021 investment which I labeled as TBA.
  18. Darren

    The Dash Network Constitution

    Your analogy really makes a great case for C2Law. Using your analogy, C2Law employees chainanalysis to make sure they never borrow a car from a drug dealer in the first place. Chainanalysis helps C2Law and other companies verify funds are not from an illegal source, such as a drug dealer...
  19. Darren

    General DIF Communication and Feedback Thread (2021/2022 cycle)

    A few weeks back supervisors elected @Sven as vice-chair. He has been filling out this new roll quite well All supervisors have been working hard for the DIF. Sven has just stepped-up to accept more responsibility. For the health of the DIF it is best that we're not dependent on one...
  20. Darren

    Brazil Community

    Thanks for this update! Really interested to learn how the reality show goes.