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    Is DASH a "Security" as defined by SEC?

    It is very unlikely. There is no expectation of profit coming from the efforts of others making DASH very unlikely to be considered a security. Even bitcoin fall in this category. This statement lays out four main criteria for an asset to be defined as a security: It must be an investment of...
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    Is Dash Mining Still Profitable

    How about now that bitcoin is below 5000, what is the future of bitcoin and it's mining?
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    The Dash Foundation needs attention

    There is really no information on the website that would make someone want to become a memeber. What is the main goal of this foundation? What are the areas it addresses? Who are the board of directors actually? I would like to be part for this.
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    Crowdfunding DASH Europe Foundation

    I think it is a good idea. With this idea, a lot of good can be done and both parties will benefit. However, when it comes to fundraising, there is has to be more than just a post on a forum. Donors need to see more of your plan in action.
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    Dash in Venezuela

    I hear the Venezuela Government are not friendly toward cryptocurrency. Is there any sort of ban in that location when it comes to buy and selling of cryptocurrency?