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    DashMiner.com multipool

    Do you have support for mining over port 80?
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    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    It has a 0% fee?
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    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    I wonder if it's too soon to ask the soon-to-be former miners at Darkcointalk pool to take a look at Suprnova's dashpool- Currently they are having a 0% fee(and they have been for some time), so instead of concentrating in a pool at the top of the extraction list, maybe spread the hash to...
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    [Pool] dark.SUPRNOVA.CC [0% FEE][MPOS][Support]

    SuprNova has 0% mining fee on their pool, let's spread the hash people :)
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    Can Any Pool Offer Mining Over Port 80?

    Hello all you darkcoin/dashcoin pool operators. I was wondering and hoping you might be able to provide some support for mining on your pool with a connection over port 80? I currently can only mine through a heavily firewalled network and the only way for me to secure the network is through...
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    Pool List

    Does any pool here offer a mining port connection over port 80? My miners are stuck behind a proxy.