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    iBeLink™ DM22G ASIC Dash Miner Support Thread

    Hi, Is there really a cgminer-IB3.6.6 version? Can only find Version 3.6.5 for DM22G.
  2. K

    new at p2pool mining

    Wow thought the coins were lost but with the Dashcore Wallet and the Depugkonsole,the import off the private key was very easy. i recived all coins :):):) learning more and more but even a newbie....
  3. K

    new at p2pool mining

    Ok now iam a little bit smarter,never use Jaxx Wallet Software for mining. This from Jaxx website FAQ Can I point my mining rig payouts to Jaxx No, Jaxx is a lightweight wallet that is not designed to receive mining payouts. We do not recommend pointing any mining rig payouts to Jaxx as it...
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    new at p2pool mining

    Hi Guys! I have a question about the payout system. im new at mining on a p2pool and my Balance in this pool is about 1 dash for now. im using Jaxx Wallet Software and using the Dash adress from this software but i cant see that Balance in the Wallet of Jaxx only in the Dash Block Explorer. Is...