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    ASIC sellers in EU

    FYI Bitmain recently released a note on their blog stating that they have NO resellers, distributors or official partners AT ALL! Read more on their official blogs: https://blog.bitmain.com/en/fraudulent-websites-and-scams-alert/
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    Contacted by FBI

    I like transparency...good one.
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    What wallet for ASIC mining?

    Hey gentlemen, I was trying to find info on best practices for mining with ASICs in regards to preferred wallets. I know that technically you can mine to several platforms directly, but I'd be more than happy to learn about your personal experiences. Which wallet do you guys mine to usually...
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    Antmine D3 15ghz Help

    + following I'm also curious how the pool preference will come out with all the monsters wired to the network very soon