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    Consensus Mechanisms

    After implementation, how would you test whether the solution is 'working'? What metrics, over what period of time?
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    Flexible Proposal System

    I get that, but my suggestion attempted three things: - is there a way to break off the flexible budget change, so it isn't reliant on the larger POW/POS discussion and agreement? That could take a while. - This explicitly doesn't change MN rewards, unless MNs vote to do so. You could have the...
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    Flexible Proposal System

    Perhaps additional Treasury allocation should be taken from MN rewards. E.g. a min. treasury of 10% and a max of 20%. If MNs vote to allocate 20%, they receive only 35% reward. Why? - Incentivises closer review and investment in proposals. If the money comes out of MNOs' pockets, they'll be...
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    Temporary Measures / Quick Wins

    The point of a first change is make an assertion and test it. The market tells us if the assertion is right/wrong. Testing an assertion about mining buying/selling requires a % reward change. This needs to be committed to over a longer time period for miners to be confident in the change, and...
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    New dash.org site is live

    A great step, bravo! In the coming months if Core needs specialist help to keep momentum, a specific proposal for dash.org v1.0 would be well received by MNOs, IMO.
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    An Open Letter From Evan and Ryan Regarding Dash Marketing

    @GrandMasterDash and @TroyDASH — good arguments. I think I err on the side of marketing strategy (eventually) being on par with Core decisions about Product, Engineering and Biz Dev. It's too central to user adoption to be completely siloed. But I don't know, and I'm curious to ask: are there...