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    Ryan, good luck at consensus. Please throw down the gauntlet.

    Dear Ryan, I am confident you will do a job presenting. What I would really like to see is to drive home the idea that Bitcoin is the most valuable the moment because it is the most secure. Go on and on about it. Make it so obvious that people literally get bored. Then blow their minds when you...
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    Coherent marketing effort request network wide: Dash is a scalable cash replacement coin

    If we're not a privacy coin, what are we? I've heard some people advocate us as a governance coin, transaction coin, privacy coin (most often). Dash is a _____ coin, should be something that gets a bit more standardized across messaging, news articles, etc. Dash is a scalable cash replacement...
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    How can we trust the exchanges to set the prices?

    When looking at coinmarket cap the top exchanges by volume are ones I've never heard of people using. is that assumption correct that they are hardly being used and the volume numbers are faked? if so, doesn't that mask real price movements from real people buying on active exchanges? It's...
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    Pre-Proposal: The Indeterminacy Festival and Immersive Decentralization

    Do you have plans to document your learnings from pulling something like this off? I imagine they will be helpful for others trying to socialize cryptocurrency as well.
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    Pre-Proposal: The Indeterminacy Festival and Immersive Decentralization

    This is an exciting project. I can see Buffalo becoming a cell of early adopters.
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    Opening OTC Trading To Community

    I heard daniel is no longer in the same role. Is the OTC trading still happening?
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    An Open Letter From Evan and Ryan Regarding Dash Marketing

    What was the rational to go with a marketing firm rather than building these capabilities in-house?
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    Dash "stock split"

    we get it you are an elitist. We don't need more posts proving how special you are.
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    Dash "stock split"

    These are all the things that are well in the wheel house of a UX designer.
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    Dash "stock split"

    I think it would be fairly trivial to do some UX experience testing (even in advance) to validate that users prefer to purchase items in whole numbers vs. decimals. Such a test would be to show a new crypto user several options of purchase pages with the different valuations and to ask them...
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    Bitcoin is Gold

    I think the main reason there would be a need for multiple cryptocurrencies to play that role of stored wealth is as a hedge against a catastrophic failure of any one coin.
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    Dash "stock split"

    Posted a similar thought on the reddit page today /r/dashpay/comments/6et003/thoughts_on_massscale_adoption_why_one_dash_might/ I'm wondering could an intermediary step be put in place? So that 1 Dash = avg price of 1 cup of coffee = #X tokens In this setup the "Dash" wouldn't be tied to the...
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    If Japan is getting primed to use bitcoin in stores, Dash needs to piggy back that effort, big time. Does anyone know what is happening in this regard? It seems really important. Does anyone know what the merchant applications of choice are in Japan? They seem to be like important business...