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  1. halso

    [Pre-Proposal] Dash FT Communications Strategy

    Hi Jim, I confirm I know the OP. I'll let her introduce herself personally. She can't post links as a new user. But here is an example of her previous work:
  2. halso

    Dash Wallet - now on bitpanda

    Spotted an error in the FAQ section of their website. They are confusing DASH with Dashcoin. Do you have a contact in Bitpanda?
  3. halso

    Dash Core Team Q2 2017 Summary Call

    Question:can the core team share more on the bitauth proof of concept and the potential applications for a future rollout?
  4. halso

    Dash Core Team Q2 2017 Summary Call

    Has the core team been in contact with revolut regarding their announcement that they will introduce cryptocurrencies onto their platform?
  5. halso

    [pre-proposal] Exchange Listing Incentive Program

    I would encourage revolut to be included. They have 700k customers. Rapidly expanding and have announced they will include cryptos in the near future.
  6. halso

    Dash for Medical Marijuana

  7. halso

    Dash for Medical Marijuana

    Already underway https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/alt-thirty-six-dash-platform-project-updates-june-july.15244/
  8. halso

    Dash Core Team Q2 2017 Summary Call

    There was a suggestion some time ago that another "open house" or dash conference would take place this year. Is it possible to lock in a date and location as soon as possible?
  9. halso

    Pre-proposal: Airline In-flight media campaign

    Hey mate, I may have a solution for you regarding a high end video. I'll pm you.
  10. halso

    New viral crypto facebook group worth joining

    Hi Guys, There is a new viral crypto facebook group which has almost 12,000 members and adding thousands of new users. A good place to spread the word about DASH. @mastermined @Mark Mason https://www.facebook.com/groups/CryptoCurrencyCollectorsClubPublicForum/
  11. halso

    Pre-proposal: Airline In-flight media campaign

    Have you produced the final cut? Can you publish the link?
  12. halso

    [pre-proposal] Exchange Listing Incentive Program

    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. Congrats on finding Dash! The Dash core team have been actively pursuing exchanges for sometime now, and have on an occasion paid for an integration (in the case of kracken). I think we would all love to see more of the same. Especially with some of the big...
  13. halso

    Lets ask Revolut to add Dash

  14. halso

    eToro expands Crypto CopyFunds with DASH, LiteCoin, Ripple, Ethereum Classic

    https://smnweekly.com/2017/07/12/etoro-expands-crypto-copyfunds-with-dash-litecoin-ripple-ethereum-classic/ https://www.etoro.com/discover/markets/cryptocurrencies
  15. halso

    Coindesk and Dash

    Does anyone know the historical reasons for Coindesk's bias against Dash? (See stats displayed below). Note, 2 of the 3 articles they did publish on Dash weren't exactly favourable either.
  16. halso

    The FAQ is priceless on this one.....

  17. halso

    Smarter contracts anyone ??

    I still don't get smart contracts. Can you give one really good use case?
  18. halso

    Smarter contracts anyone ??

    i agree with @tungfa . Its important to remember what statoshi invented; the decentralised, free, anonymous, instant transfer of value. Whatever crypto refines that key innovation will take home the chocolates. The underlying protocol should focus primarily on that vision. If some other...