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  1. Candice (Subspaced) T

    Liberty Movement Conferences Sponsorship

    I'm excited about this proposal, although I am restricted from commenting on the proposal itself, I am watching it closely. The_desert_lynx has been a consistent force in promoting (and defending) Dash since the beginning. Liberty festivals are grass roots opportunities to spread Dash with like...
  2. Candice (Subspaced) T

    Liberty Movement Conferences Sponsorship

    Hello one and all, I'm Candice/Subspaced. I was asked to join Flyinfree's team due to my enthusiasm for executing detailed tasks, and my desire to help any projects of his thrive. My function will be keeping our tasks on point in the desired time frame, and general PM assistance. I was once...
  3. Candice (Subspaced) T

    CATV | Flying High: A Dash Aerosports Update

    @Tao are you going to this? We are! Do you know who else might be attending? :)
  4. Candice (Subspaced) T

    Dash Open House March 30 at SkySong w/ Ryan Taylor, Evan Duffield & Amanda B. Johnson. All invited!

    Hello, new member here. I'm excited to go to this! My fiancé and I will be driving from LA. See you there. :)