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  1. dashofpepper

    UNOS Finance DeFi Crypto Farming is Live

    Happy Holidays, Everyone! :) UNOS Farming is Live: https://dapps-unos.finance/farm/ Details about UNOS finance UNOS is a DeFi platform offering a wide range of financial options including borrowing and decentralized lending. This therefore allows UNOS to be a sustainable farming platform...
  2. dashofpepper

    [Pre-Sale Announcement] Ramifi (RAM) Tokens Injection Offer & Airdrop

    RAM: Reactive money with immutable value. Ramifi Protocol: Injection Offering (IO) explained What is an Injection offering? An injection offering is a new and innovative way to provide investors and the crypto-community with a more sensible approach to token offerings. The process of...
  3. dashofpepper

    [ANN] [ICO] EMJAC Pre-Sales & ICO Dates & Information

    Hey guys and gals, As you know if you have read any of my previous posts, I write about my interests. One of those, especially as I'm like, totally a California Girl, is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency called EMJAC that takes something near dear to my heart -- car tires -- and transforms them...
  4. dashofpepper

    [ANN] [ICO] Chelle Coin (CHL) ICO Dates & Information

    Hey guys and gals, Recently I posted about crypto governance here on Dash. Something very relevant to having clear rules and agreements in place is real estate deals. Naturally, this brings me to think about the various real estate cryptocurrencies and projects out there. Here's an exciting one...
  5. dashofpepper

    Cryptocurrencies that have governance.

    pardon my ignorance, but isn't it kind of counter to the entire crypto ethos to have any governance rule over a cryptocurrency? why would people want that? #likeseriously #freecrypto #liberatecrypto
  6. dashofpepper

    Coin Market Alert (CMA) Airdrop & Token Pre-Sale

    Hey all, I'm back with another crypto review about a very handy cryptocurrency monitoring site. :) Coin Market Alert is having an Airdrop & Token Pre-Sale is Live Through July 31 The Coin Market Alert (CMA) cryptocurrency market monitoring service website already running and serving over...
  7. dashofpepper

    TOMBOLA Token Airdrop & Pre-Sale for World's First EOS Gambling Platform

    Hey all, I'm back with another fun crypto review about a fun gaming site. :) TOMBOLA (TBL) is having a Token Airdrop & Pre-Sale TBL is ID'd as the number one cryptocurrency Gambling Platform built on EOS blockchain tech. As blockchain gambling products and services arrive on the market, a...
  8. dashofpepper

    Ether World Cup First 2018 FIFA ETH Betting Site

    Hi everyone, Last time I wrote on the Dash forum, it was about an ICO. Today I have something totally different to share. BTW, Dash's forum rocks. the community feedback is superduper and i love the friendly and thoughtful and insightful replies. it's getting me to like this site more every...
  9. dashofpepper

    A Dash of Pepper ... and drops of honey

    Very nice, that was of you, to write your feelings clear and true. Really fun. I'm impressed. Let's get going. Are you dressed? Find me at the next big game day, where ballers play and flayas slay. You'd better bring your best car with you, 'cuz mine's so fast, and also, it's blue.
  10. dashofpepper

    Pre-ICO of Faythe Coins (TTP & FYE Tokens)

    You can read more about the Trent EVO Blockchain tokens, distribution, Roadmap, White Paper, ICO etc. on the Faythe website at https://faythe.io The Faythe Telegram group is at https://t.me/faythetalk Here is Faythe’s mission as seen on the interwebz: “We are an anonymous decentralized...
  11. dashofpepper

    ICOholder - Rated List of Ongoing, Upcoming and Past ICOs

    That's very nice of you to offer to list ICOs from this forum into your database, ICO Holder. Here's one i really like, and no, I am not the owner or the manager or an employee or an affiliate. i think it's a very smart coin project and i'm glad there's one like it. It's called Cyber Smart...
  12. dashofpepper

    A Dash of Pepper ... and drops of honey

    Every once in a while, i get a little dash of inspiration and write up some crypto poetry, or as i call it, cryptoetry. you may call me a cryptoet, but i couldn't possibly say that. As you tip-toe through the crypto, See your money bee like honey. In the hive, the Queen rules. They're alive...
  13. dashofpepper

    What's a Crypto Grrl to do?

    I have been investing in crypto since i was a kid, about 9 years now. My dad thought i was wasting his hard earned money. Mom thought it was cute and she was supportive and encouraged me not to be afraid to do what the boys in my school do with money. Grandpa thought it was good to apply myself...
  14. dashofpepper


    from what i've read here, VINChain could be wheely useful (pun intended) for those of us who have multiple vehicles, especially businesses with any sized fleet.