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  1. SquaPac

    v0.10.12.x RC4 Testing

    I'm pretty terrible with these things. Where is the config file? It's not the qt.conf is it?
  2. SquaPac

    v0.10.12.x RC4 Testing

    I just installed the testnet wallet to try out the new software, but for some reason can't get the faucet to send me any coins. Can someone send some tDRK to XhQt7P94XWjRFXJGgDQgCvQ9neVBUFQo8g? Thanks!!
  3. SquaPac

    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Wow! Options 3 is my favorite by far. Very nice work on the wallet this will defiantly increase overall usability and branding for the coin!!
  4. SquaPac

    yidakee's Helpdesk & Masternode Setup Services (GhostPlayer on Bitcointalk)

    I recently contacted Yidakee to help set up my Masternode. He was very knowledgeable and helped me set up my node with ease. Anyone who would like more guidance on how to set up their Masternode should contact Yidakee!!
  5. SquaPac

    100 DRK giveaway!

    My address is XqG1f8XT8rJ4YMKbhezFgMyvfYsnv5G3vw. The site looks great!