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  1. amzar

    Dash as world money transfer for unbanked people

    Hi Carlo ! Actually we do have an experience paid to bank ( intermediary ) quite a lot of money to transfer abroad and I know how it hurts Haitian though. As for our platform, we think that we can help you to provide a solution to Haitian living abroad to send the money to local without need...
  2. amzar

    Dash as world money transfer for unbanked people

    Things can be done if there's local people in home country that willing to accept Dash and pay fiat to beneficiary. So basically it almost the same as my pre-proposal but it required someone in home country that having basic knowledge and a bit capital to accept / buy Dash from sender (...
  3. amzar

    Pemakai DASH di Indonesia

    Salam kenal dari Malaysia semua :)
  4. amzar

    Dash reward per day per MN?

    Been looking this feed for quite some times. Thanks mate for the info ! Cheers
  5. amzar

    Do Masternodes really help to stabilize the price?

    IMHO, MNOs program make things much more better and healthier for Dash itself. Why ? 1) Basic economy is supply and demand. When supply is retain, demand rise, price will rise. supply retain, demand retain, price retain. What will happen when supply out of sudden increase ( due to cancellation...
  6. amzar

    Dash so high difficulty

    I'm not sure what Dash should do as the things turns out happened due to more miners mining Dash now. So, its not the right step to reduce difficulty though.
  7. amzar

    Budget System (Funding / Voting / DGBB)

    Done read and it such a great function to ensure the proposal on track. I just read somewhere about greencandle.io and its like the same function with this one. Can someone explain me the difference between those two ?
  8. amzar

    Budget System (Funding / Voting / DGBB)

    Thank you for the answer. I think all of the proposal owner must do their best in updating all of the progress every now and then to show their commitment towards the funds been granted then.
  9. amzar

    how to post a proposal ?

    Thanks for the link mate. Been looking for one quite some time!
  10. amzar

    Budget System (Funding / Voting / DGBB)

    Hi guys, i have a question here about the budget. Let say there's proposal for 3 months time : 1) if the proposal already hit 10% of 'yes' vote before the dateline which will be funded, is it possible for fund to be revoked due to 'no' vote afterwards? 2) if the proposal already approved for...
  11. amzar

    Dash Vietnam grow rapidly

    Hey mate, its great to know such things happen in Vietnam. Well I can say its good things happen within the region ( Southeast Asia ) now. Peoples are actively seeking for an knowledge about the cryptocurrency now only for mining but development as well. !
  12. amzar

    Dash Vs Ethereum – Will 2018 See Dash Finally Decimate ETH?

    That's new! As for within my circle, quite big number of ETH miner. I think its time for them to move to a different coins before its too late I guess.
  13. amzar

    Thailand and SE Asia Youtube Video/Marketing

    I do agree by using a public figure to make things faster grow and really helpful to create awareness. As for LBTC, yes they are providing a great service for trading Bitcoin but for me it is bound alone for Bitcoin only. Take an example for Dash Miner here, they have to exchange their Dash to...
  14. amzar

    Dash as world money transfer for unbanked people

    @carlomile2 this is one of the good idea on how to make it happen which is to reduce the cost when transfer the money abroad. First thing is for giving an awareness to public about what Dash can do. Next is for sure we will have to cope up with current system which is people already get used...
  15. amzar

    Apa itu DASH

    Selamat bapak ibu, gimana kayanya keadaan sambutan DASH di Indonesia ya? Mohon dapat maklumbalas.
  16. amzar

    Just got my D3 19.3 GH/s, but they only operate at 17.5!

    Well then, we won't earn much I guess. Hopefully they won't come out any ASIC-like miner for GPU mining too. Else, all those miner with GPU will eventually sharing the exact same fate as D3 and other Antminer.
  17. amzar

    Motorcycle rent for Dash. Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Great move to give an exposure to the public about Dash!! :cool::cool:
  18. amzar

    Thailand and SE Asia Youtube Video/Marketing

    Hey Lorax, greeting from same region as yours. It seems like you have the same exact vision as mine. Well, what if we can provide such solution in the region exclusively for Dash? Mind to Private Message me to elaborate more what we can do to encourage people using Dash with providing an...
  19. amzar

    Just got my D3 19.3 GH/s, but they only operate at 17.5!

    I think that's where us, a small boat on the ocean can be easily being strike away from the game. Hopefully there will be move from Dash to counter the matter
  20. amzar

    Best Way to Sell Dash to USD (Bank Account)?

    The same exact problem i had to exchange from any crypto except BTC to fiat. I quite rare to find one can provide such solution.